A Teachers World… RESPECT

Teach Your Child To Grow Up Respecting Others.

Teach Your Child To Grow Up Respecting Others.

A Teacher is who defines a child… Is this statement merely true? In recent times we’ve seen that there is either one of these two problems: The Teacher isn’t interested Or The Student Doesn’t Care.

  • Today whilst been in the class I was star struck at the way inwhich this child responded when I spoke to her. She was so disrespectful that the first thing that crossed my mind was, what is her parents teaching her and what positive influence does the teacher have on the child…
  • I myself think and know that RESPECT is the most important thing that a person can give and receive and without it you are no one and for a young child to be so disrespectful it shows the morals, values and lessons that first our parents teach us and second the way inwhich our teacher teaches us. If, from a young age you teach your child to show respect to others, then that child would grow up showing respect and rightfully gaining that respect. In this particular case with this child, it all boils down to the saying: “What Goes in, Is What Comes Out!”
  • Remember teach your child to firstly show respect to others despite age, colour of the persons skin or the language they speak and most importantly speak with respect for one day this “respect” will take you places you’ve never been before.
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