Igniting the world with his never quit attitude – DJ Sherwin G


19 is just a number for this young, vibrant and enthusiastic youth who is the future of our country. It takes a lot if courage and strength to be self motivated but it also equally takes a good support structure that gives you the omph to achieve the EXTRAORDINARY! 

Sherwin Govender is built on enormous character that gives him the drive to succeed no matter the obstacles that comes his way… He is a man of all trades and as his interview unfolds you’ll be inspired by all that he does.

This youth day was a special one for Sherwin as he was featured an go hosted the Life n Style show on Lotus FM where over 300000 people tuned in to be inspired by him. 

The Bokem Legacy is honored to feature him on out blog as we were inspired by his never failing attitude. 

Check out his interview below… 

1. How would you define yourself? 

I’m simply a humble person with a big heart. I’m also a huge go getter with a lot of confidence and only 19 years of age but confident and driven to achieve my goals. Many people define me as the Indian Michael Jackson because we all know the late Michael Jackson to be very soft spoken and humble when his off stage but when he gets onto stage to perform his totally a different person which is why I’m defined as the Indian Michael Jackson.

2. What makes your different from every other DJ? 

Well most DJs just stick to just being a DJ , however I’m a versatile DJ. DJ Sherwin G is simply just my stage name , it does not refer me to a hardcore club DJ as one would put it. Yes I do mix various types of music when im behind the decks for various age groups but besides just mixing music, I’m also a performer , I MC functions , I entertain , I play musical instruments , I’m a singer and a professional dancer , I’m also a voice over artist with a radio personality and that’s what  I think differs me from other DJs.

3. What do you love most about what you do? 

It’s my passion and what I do is what I live for. I’m a peoples person and when I interact with my audience , just to see a smile on their face is more than enough for me. Doing what I do allows me to make a difference in other people’s lives , and as long as I can keep people uplifted and motivated through what I do it allows me to love what I  constantly and gives me a reason to always look forward keep on doing it.

4. Talk to me about your family… 

My family is my biggest support in everything I do. My dad has been the main influence in my life because he is a qualified sound engineer and due to that I have been on the stage from a very little boy and as I grew up working with him it made me more confident and allowed me to study the showbiz industry very carefully in all aspects which is why my dad is the biggest influence in my life and secondly is my mother because from a little boy she always motivated me to get onto stage and perform , she always gave me ideas and guided me as a little boy to perfect them. Before I could even read my mother used to sit with me and teach me poems and Bible scriptures which I used to by hart and say in church and nursery school and it was by then that people was impressed because I was learning of poems and inspirational speeches of by hart while others bigger than me could not and read from a page instead , so my parents has a big role to play in my life because they have always made time to guide me. I also have a 12 year old sister which is well known for her dancing in Durban , her name is Leah Govender.

5. What inspires you on a daily basis? 

My inspiration is the thought of knowing that I’m the future of entertainment in South Africa , and our current entertainers are not going to be around forever so it’s our job as the youth to some day take over from where they leave, which is why everyday I wake up inspired to better myself as a performer.

6. Recently you graduated. Well done! 

Talk to me about your qualification and what you aim on doing with your qualification going forward. 

I graduated with a graphic design qualification and it has helped me a lot in terms of branding myself. Due to me also desiring a career in radio , I’m not sure as to what I’m going to do with graphic design further , however I have been given great comments on my work so I will not give up. I will perhaps open up a graphic design company in the future when the time is right.

7. What are your thoughts on our current generation of youth? 

Well we have youth that are on the right track , and then there’s also those that are not walking in the right direction. There’s so much of youth that’s abusing the usage of drugs and alcohol and that is what I find most  disturbing. I would love to say the our generation of youth is on the right track of life but that isn’t true. I also find it heartbreaking when I see the youth of today show no respect to our elders.

8. Talk to me about your experience of being on Radio Lotus FM to represent the youth of South Africa. 

I have to say it has been the best experience of my life thus far and definitely my biggest dream come true and I hope it allows me to achieve a career in radio in the near future. It was also a proud moment in my life because I got to represent the youth of South Africa which gave me a chance to motivate the youth on air , and motivate them by telling them that nothing is impossible.

9. What advise do you have for the youth of today? 

To all the youth out there , if you are going through problems in your life , maybe depression ,stress , a broken home or whatever the case is , please do not resort to the negative things in life , especially drugs , alcohol or violence. I suggest you to get actively involved in doing things that can take your mind of whatever you are going through , be it joining a gym , joining a local dance school or even get involved in community work , by doing things like this it will not only help you get your mind over whatever what you are going through but it will also benefit you in many ways and you’ll be inspiring and motivating those around you. Secondly I would like to say , if you have a dream , do not give up on that dream , just put your mind to it and I promise you that you will achieve it because if you believe you will achieve.

10. Words of inspiration to aspiring DJs out that? 

Just continue what you are doing to best of your ability. Remember that this industry isn’t all that easy so if you want to succeed make sure you are going to bring something really impressive and unique to the table that makes you stand out. I had a dream to be on radio , and it came true because I kept on pursuing my dream , so to all you aspiring DJs out there , I have 3 words for you : “NEVER GIVE UP!”

Cracking A Tune With DJ Sherwin G

1. Who is your role model? 

My father

2. Love is…. 

Love is an act of kindness. If you can be kind to all of humanity even your enemy, then I believe that is love at its best.

3. Current favourite track is? 

My current and all time favorite track is “Tell me what You want me to do, by Tevin Campbell”

4. Favourite home cooked meal is? 

Definitely my mother’s scrumptious crab curry.

5. Would you be in a tank full of jelly fish for a day or in a tank full of snakes? 

I would rather be in a tank with jelly fish. My biggest fear is reptiles , especially snakes so being in a tank with them for a day is definitely a no no. 

Get in touch with Sherwin on Facebook as Sherwin O’Brian Govender and on Instagram ad dj_sherwin_g

The Bokem Legacy Wishes Sherwin All The Best In His Future Endeavours. 


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