Youth In Action – Karinda Jagmohan


Be it radio or writing Karinda Jagmohan has made her name for herself and aims to reach higher grounds in the near future. Journalist on The Sunday Tribune and News Anchor on Radio Hindvani is what this youngster do on a daily basis that allows her to live out her dream. 

It’s youth month and The Bokem Legacy sat down with her to capture her story… 

1. Define yourself using 5 words.

Curious, optimistic, feminist, hungry and sleepy.

2. When did your love for journalism begin? 

I have been involved in debates from a young age and that slowly built a sense of social awareness. That combined with enjoying English in high school sparked an interest in the craft.

3. What was the greatest lesson you’ve learned from being a journalist? 

There’s always more than one side to a story.

4. Talk to me about your family. 

Mum and Dad have been the most supportive and caring people in my life. My older brother, Kiran, is my rock. We love family outings! They are all extremely open-minded and, by not judging my mistakes, have allowed me to become independent.

5. So we also quite frequently listen to you on Radio Hindvani, talk to me about your involvement in this radio station. 

Thank you! I started working at Hindvani in 2015 while in my second year of Journalism studies at DUT. I went in to have a background understanding of news-making but I was put on-air immediately and ever since have loved radio! I started off making the most awkward mistakes but learned through time (still mess up now and then), fortunately we have a great support system.

6. If it wasn’t for journalism, what would be your second choice and why? 

I really can’t imagine myself doing anything else. My colleagues will agree; journalism is not a career, it’s a lifestyle – a 24/7 news whirlwind.

7. What do you love most about your job?

I love that every day is different. You never know where a story is going to take to you, but you’ll always come across the most amazing people – like you! I enjoy that our job as media (whether newspaper, radio or online blogs) is to provide resources to people, and be able to sculpt mindsets.

8. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

Hopefully at a major broadcaster, but more involved in field work and investigative reporting.

9. What is your advise to the youth of South Africa? 

It’s going to be okay (refer to every single Coldplay/Bob Marley song ever!)

10. Your advise to aspiring journalists? 

Double-check your facts so you have something to fall back on when they come for you – because they will.

Walking the journey with Karinda 

1. Your fondest childhood memory is? 

Living in Ladysmith when I was about ten years old, playing with friends, climbing a tree – not a worry in the world.

2. Favourite homecooked meal is? 

Oven pizza and chips

3. Love is… 

Refer above!

hehe, Love is Kreeshane.

4. Your hobbies are? 

I work three jobs and am studying fourth year Journalism – my hobbies are sleeping.

5. Bunjee jumping or sky diving? 

Staying in my room, watching YouTube videos of people bungee jumping and sky diving.

The Bokem Legacy Wishes You Everything Of The Best In All Off Your Future Endeavours. YOU MAKE SA PROUD! 


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