Meet Mr Teen KZN 2017 – 14 Year Old – Diolan Govender


Over the years, Diolan Govender has made a household name for himself in the performing arts industry across the world; from landing roles in films to various theatre plays. We have seen Govender achieve success with his latest three companies which are “Moving Forward Media”, “Teen Talk TV” and “Mr and Miss Epiphanny”. But now, inspiring and hard working 14 year old Diolan has entered a whole new world – the pageant industry! He never thought that he would become a titleholder but this past weekend, Govender was crowned “Mr Teen KZN 2017” at The Garden Court Marine Parade Hotel where the “Mr and Miss KZN” pageant took place. Now, Govender is ready to serve South Africa and make a difference in the lives of others along with the RoleModels Foundation!


Diolan said, “As Mr Teen KZN 2017, I am ready to serve the community and use my platform to make change in our beautiful rainbow nation and abroad. It is my duty to make a difference in the lives of others and I am ready to do so!”


Stay tuned to Diolan’s success as Mr Teen KZN 2017! 


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