The Sequel Should Be Titled “Keeping Up With AYA”

Making over R10 million over the last weekend and been ranked top 3 in the South African Box Office Keeping Up With The Kandasamy’s is surely something every South African must watch.

Now I haven’t watched the movie as yet but I was privileged enough to sit in on three scenes as an extra cast member and the cast and crew should be given a standing ovation for all the hard work that’s put into making a movie, that the audiences don’t get to witness. It’s a tedious job that requires a whole lot of energy, vibrancy and concentration in order to bring out the amazing final product we’ve seen.

Comments have been flooding through all that’s good  so to say about the movie and that’s what kept the movie on the circuit for longer than it was expected to be. The well scripted movie highlights two neighbours (Maeshnie Naicker/ Jailoshnie Naidoo) who are not in talking terms because of prior problems. Although they dislike each other that doesn’t stop their husbands from meeting for a game of golf and it surely didn’t stop their kids from falling in love!

But while this is all happening and the mother’s are plotting and planning to break up their children’s love, there are two under dog characters that are most spoken about till this very day.

Aya Kandasamy played by Mariam Bassa and Arsevan played by Rushil Juglall are two characters that audiences fell in love with during the movie. People are now asking for a sequel and by the looks of it, I guess it’s time the world caught up with Aya.

Continue to support the local production and go out in your numbers if you haven’t watched the movie as yet cause I can promise you that it’s going to be life changing!


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