Turning Life Upside Down With Kogie Naidoo

Everyone knows her as the dreaded mother in law “Amsugi” in trilogy of Broken Promises and now she returns for its forth and final installment Broken Promises 4 – Ever.

Kogie Naidoo is known for her witty and typical Indian mother in law character and has impressed audiences all over South Africa and as auditions for Broken Promises 4 – Ever takes place on 8/9 April 2017 producer and script writer Kumaran Naidoo has done a mini series where Kogie is a Con Artist.

The Bokem Legacy caught up with her and we spoke all things Broken Promises, Ups and Downs as well as love. See it all below 🙂

1. Take me back to when you first fell in love with acting and what specifically ignited this love…

It was through my family’s involvement in arts and culture, that I found my passion for acting.  My mother was a tamil school teacher and used to write drama plays.  At 11, I acted in my first play and have never looked back since then.

2.Before making broken promises what were you involved in, in terms of theater?

I participated in many stage plays and radio drama’s with many great local artists like the Krish Swamivel, Parry Govender, Maeshni Naicker and the late Swamivel Pillay and Mahavishnu Naidoo

3.Talk to me about your audition for broken promises and your journey of playing Amsugi.

I didn’t really have an audition for Broken Promises.  I was a good friend of Kumaran Naidu’s parents, so I guess they were aware of my acting skills. So Kumaran approached me with this idea of Broken Promises. It was something new and exciting and I am so glad that I decided to take the opportunity.

4.What has been your fondest memories of playing the role of Amsugi?

Broken promises was such an exciting journey and for me the best part was working with such a great director and cast.

5. How does one prepare for their character and scene and how much work goes into it?

I approach it by first understanding my role and learning the script.  You have to get into the role and become the role. It does take practice, so don’t lose hope if you find it difficult at first.

6. So everyone knows… Broken Promises is coming back for its forth instalment. What can we expect from Amsugi this time round?

That is a surprise!

7. What advise will you give to anyone preparing for an audition?

So like I said before, make sure you understand your role, learn your script and become the role.

8. What are your takes on daughters in law these days?

From my personal experience, I have two wonderful daughter-in-laws and I think that at the outset we have always respected each other.

9. Currently you acting in a mini series, what is it titled, what role do you play and  what can one expect from it?

The mini-series is title ‘Ups and Downs’ and I play ‘Joan’ who is a con artist.

10. Your response to the kidnapping saga of the 1 month old baby?

I think that it is disgusting that the child’s mother was at the center of this.

11. Your special message to all the Amsugi fans out there…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. I am still overwhelmed by all the support I receive.
                     All Eyes On Kogie

1. Favourite curry to prepare?

Fish Breyani or Fish curry

2. Favourite TV program?

Any crime thriller. I enjoy the NCIS series, CSI etc

3. One international  actor you’d like to work along side with?

It really would be a dream come to true to work along-side Rajnikanth.

4. What is love?

Love is family 

5. My most embarrassing moment was…

I truly can’t think of any.
As big things are ahead for Broken Promises 4 – Ever one can assure that Amsugi will be up to her old tricks and it’s about to get a whole lot hotter and spicy.

The Bokem Legacy wishes Kogie all the best in her future endeavours 🙂


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  1. Athie says:

    I feel so honoured to be associated to and a dear friend of this amazing woman….

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