Lucalis’s Post Mortem Results Reveals The Shocking Truth Of His Death


What seemed to be a perfectly normal day turned somber when the mother of Lucalis was called to say that he is been rushed to hospital by our family friends for his continuous vomiting and lack of feeling in his legs.

Upon arrival, Lucalis was drained of all fluids from his body and diagnosed as a possible overdose case.

That wasn’t possible as his mother questions the doctor and claims that Lucalis wouldn’t amount to such and yes he was given medication to ease of his headaches.
The doctor is always right and we need to listen to them… We pushed him in his stretcher to his ward where he begged the nurses to bring him only vegetables as he was observing the fast for Kavady.

The next day he visited the psychologist in his dazed state and he claimed that he had never taken any form of medication that could lead to overdose. He was given a bath by my dad and enjoyed a flask of hot black tea which was his favourite…

At 15h00 on 19 January 2016 we went to visit his where he was asleep, covered in droplets of blood due to the fact that he had pulled out his drip. His bed was directly under a roof leak and due to the heavy rains his bed was wet. He asked for some juice and some chocolate and soon after he started getting a “fit” and when we asked for the doctor who was present at the ward he replied by saying that Lucalis isn’t his patient and therefore he wouldn’t see to him.

That’s when we approached the nurses who rushed to come see to him and thereafter told us that we shouldnt worry as he was “faking” the fit due to his family being present.

It was apparent that an hour later, Lucalis slipped into a coma but the family wasn’t contacted.

We arrived yet again at the hospital at around 18:45 and wasn’t allowed to go in because visiting hours starts at 19:00.
When we finally got to his bed Lucalis was in a deep sleep plugged into the heart monitoring machines. It didn’t even cross our minds that he was so sick until a minute later his heart rate dropped to zero and the machine began to beep…

All the doctors rushed in and for almost 2 hours they worked on him as we watched the lifeless body of my brothers lie there… We were told that Lucalis had taken a overdose and the doctors aren’t sure what it is as it could possibly be break fluid and at around 21:30 that night the doctor advised that we go home as they still trying to stabilize him.

We got home and it was only 5 minutes later that we received the worse call of our lives… The call echoed… “I’m sorry but there isn’t anything else that we can do”

News spread and 100s of people where here to mourn the loss of my dear brother… rumours circulated that Lucalis had passed on due to an overdose bad since then he has been labelled by the community as that.

It’s a year later and we finally received his results… The most devastating yet comforting news we ever had to hear. 

We wept away as the detective read out the results and tried to explain the cause of Lucalis’s death. We knew in our hearts that Lucalis will never ever take an overdose nor did we ever imagine Lucalis been diagnosed with CANCER.

Yes, CANCER it was… The dreadful disease that is wiping our people away. He was diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma Metastasis

Which initially began forming tumors in his testicles , then moved to his liver, lungs and finally forming almost 6 tumors in his brain that cause a brain hemorrhage.

The Bokem Legacy intends on keeping is legacy alive by helping those indeed that are diagnosed with cancer.

This is our first social event and we intend on raising R20000 for the Chatsworth Hospice as they require funds to take care of their patients.

See poster below for all the information. 

If you willing to make a donation towards the event or would like to donate towards the funds for the hospice. Kindly deposit using the details below and use your name or your companies name as a reference.

Standard bank

Account holder: Luvalan Pillay

Branch: Chatsworth 

Account number: 202200078

If you require more information on the event kindly email me on:

Working together to better the lives of our people. Let’s Support the fight against CANCER and make a change!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ron says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss and I’m sure u went through a great ordeal. I’m sure your brother is resting in peace now.

    I just don’t see the reason why you should portray the hospital staff in such a negative light. Cancer metastasis is quite serious. And one cannot get a diagnosis overnight. So the only possible explain would be something that’s in keeping with your brothers age, sex etc. Like an overdose. Nurses and doctors do everything they possibly can for patients. There’s a very high number of patients compares to hospital staff. The general public including myself have a vague understanding of what they go through. We need to put ourselves in their shoes and be grateful for eveything that they do for us or our families when we get admitted to hospital.

    1. Luvalan says:

      Good day Ron. Thank you so much for your thoughts about the article. What we’ve been through is unexplainable. It’s not shedding bad light on the hospital and staff but it’s exactly what we’ve experienced. Things mentioned in the article portrays our experience of how Lucalis was “mistreated” and neglected medical attention. I know how hectic it can get for the staff but humans have rights and should not be denied of them.

      Hope you have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

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