Vincent Madaray Aims To Inspire You Through His Work

Being a nurse is no easy job but when your heart is filled with love, passion and compassion to serve the people then you are driven to make a meaningful purpose in society and the world at large. Vincent Madaray’s aim is to simply inspire people through the work he does.

The Bokem Legacy Team caught up with this Nurse in action and we got the low down about his life, love and career…Check it out below.
1. Why did you choose the nursing profession?

To be honest teaching was my first choice but that did not materialize as my mother had no money to pay university fees or college fees.  Nursing was a profession that you could get paid while studying so I jumped at this opportunity.  My dad died when I was 11 years old.  When I finished matric, it was not possible to go to University.

I did not know much about nursing.  I used to pick up sisters friend Barbara Ambrose Pentasaib from St. Aidan Mission Hospital.  Barbara used to visit us on weekends and that when I got inspired about nursing.  I heard her stories of saving lives and delivering babies.  I was amazed and excited at the same time.  I knew from that moment that I could an excellent nurse.  The truth is I was already caring for my sick mum.  I knew how to do dressings and other healthcare procedures.  I was also helping people in my neighbourhood with dressings,  ect.

2. How would you describe your self in a sentence?

I am a person who gives off my best and most importantly I never give up easily.

3. What is your current work position and describe to me all your daily duties…

Currenty I am work as a nurse manager a Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi.  I am incharge of 4 units.  Medical, Long Term Care, Oncology and Hematology. In total I have 96 patients under my care and almost 90 nurses and 2 clerks under my management as well. Although I have a title manager, I am definitely a leader.

My day begins with rounding on all my patients and then checking on my team of nurses.  Every day has meetings so that is like a routine.  I get to interact with patients families with concerns and issues that need my help.

I love coaching so I use every opportunity to coach my team.  I guess that the teaching passion that surfaces  now and then.  I was also a lecturer back home in Chatsworth so teaching my staff is second nature.

4. What is the best part of being a nurse?

For me the best part of being a nurse is helping mankind.  Gods creation.  I always believe it a blessing to help the sick.  Its just in me to care for people and being a nurse gives me this opportunity.  By just helping someone to the bathroom or cleaning their wounds after surgery is really a great act of kindness.  I know people might say its our job but I disagree.  I takes more that it just being our job.  To be a nurse it has to come from your heart.  If you are not compassionate and caring then the profession is not for you.  When people are sick they are at their lowest.  Nurses are there at the crucial moments when bad news is broken to them.  Nurses are there when babies are born.  Nurses are there for the relatives when their loved one die.  We are able to lessen this burden on people.  We are there to support and encourage no matter what.  What makes me happy the most is when I see a patient get discharged from hospital and he or she is back on the feet again ready to take the world by storm. 

5. As a nurse, what is the most painful part of your job and why?

Mmmm…so many things but one thing that is most painful for me is seeing people die of cancer.  I am unit manager in charge of an oncology ward.  I believe Cancer Can Be Beaten.  I belong to the Cancer Wave Program in Abu Dhabi where we go around the emirate and give lectures on early detection and treatment of cancer. I also have been to schools as well to raise awareness of cancer.  So seeing a patient come in the 4th stage of cancer is painful and watch them die is heart breaking.  I literally seeing them from healthy to skin and bones eventually. Smoking is huge in the middle east and I wish there could be more awareness of the dangers.  In 2017 I will be working closely with the Emirates Nursing Association to raise awareness of cancer.

6. Talk to me about your family…

Both my parents passed away.  I was just 11 when my died.  He was hospitalized for almost a year and I didn’t get to see him much.  I remember my fathers brother taking me to see my dad when I was 11 years old in hospital.  My dad was on a ventilator and the doctors were sure he was not going to make it.  I didn’t understand why my uncle took me directly from school.  I still remember the scent of my uncles perfume when he hugged me in my fathers room in hospital as we said goodbye to my father.  My father was in a coma and couldn’t respond to anything.  I just stood there crying and watch the ventilators breathe for him. 

Mum died just after I graduated from Nursing.  She was a superwoman.  A widow at 38 years and 5 children to take care off.  We had a wonderful relationship. She was the most kind hearted and loving person one could ever meet.  She loved people and loved helping people.  The reason why I never got into drugs which was so easily accessible in Phoenix at time was because I saw my mothers hardships.  I promised my self to be someone someday and change our lives.  Living in Phoenix was tough.  My youngest sister was shot in her head during a gang fight in Phoenix. 

My grandmother passed away about a year ago at the beautiful age of 84 years.  She was was rock all these years.  After my mum died she was the reason I still stood strong and went forward in my life.  She was the reason why I got so far today.

I have four sisters who I love and respect for who they are today.  I have 5 nephews and 3 nieces.

7. Who inspires you and why?

Actually there are 3 people who inspire the most in my life.  Two are policewomen. My sister Janet Madaray and her friend Vinay Varas Singh.  I am really proud of both of them for being so brave and serving our country.  They both starting their police training at the Police Training College in Chatsworth! yes home sweet home for many great people.  I watched them grow and progress in their careers.  They both were great role models for me when I was still in my early 20’s.

The 3rd person is an Emirati nurse, Aysha Al Mehri.  She is the President of the Emirates Nursing Association.  She also works as a Director SEHA.  She has inspired to be a great leader in the nursing profession.

8. What is your advise to aspiring nurses?

Never give up!  Don’t expect to be on the top over night.  It take hard work and determination to get there. Dream of it and you will live it one day.

9. Any upcoming plans that you would like to share with us?

I am currently working on becoming a life coach but still passionate about my motivational talks.


           Nurse Talk With Madaray

1. How would you describe love?

Love is when someone can love you not for your body but for the caring, loving person you are.  Love is not about beauty.  Love is about understanding each other and living in peace.  There are so many couples out there that are together but there is no love. Actually there is no respect for each other.  Love is being able to see when someone goes out of their way to make you happy.  Love is making someone smile.  Love is surprising someone with a note that’s says I LOVE YOU!

2. Your favourite novel is?

I am Malala

3. Your pass time hobbies are?

Reading( I have a library outside my flat), movies and cooking

4. One thing you miss about Durban is?

Bunny Chow …mutton bunny to be precise.  I also miss the cold water from the tap and smell of the grass when it rains.  Oh thunder and lighting as well.


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