Local Artist strives to create a new world of music – Gino Lee

Local artist, Gino Lee is aiming to create a new world for music as he uses his talents to help oothers realise their dreams. 

Semi finalist on SAs Got Talent , a graduate of Film at the New York Film Academy and a producer of music is some accolades that this young man is known for.

Currently he is giving others the opportunity to explore at realise their talent of singing at the Woodstock Open Mic Sessions.

The Bokem Legacy Team caught up with him and we spoke all things music, love and jellyfish! Check out his interview below…

1. How would you describe yourself using 5 words?

  • Dreamer, Observer, Artist, Creator, Friend

2. What genre of music do you specialise in?

  • Right now I produce mostly my own music, which is in a Future RnB line, but i always like to keep a pop edge, whether it comes to the lyrics or melody.

3. How and who influenced you to become an artist?

  • I grew up in a home that loved music. We have a piano and i started playing at an early age. I was in a band for a while then officially started my solo career in 2010. I was, and still am influenced by the greats: (King) Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates and Daft Punk, as well as John Legend, Pharrell and Coldplay.

4. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as an artist?

  • Ive been a performing for almost 10 years now and i have had to face many challenges and obstacles along the way. Most of them appear to be through people that appear to say, do and offer one thing and then either turn their back on you or not follow through on false promises. However, i see every obstacle as a learning curve and greatness can only come out of overcoming challenges. Of course nerves I think will always be a challenge too lol, and it varies, but once I’m on the stage I’m good 🙂   

5. Talk to me about your current Open Mic Sessions.

  • The WOODSTOCK OPEN MIC is an initiative and event i started a couple week ago. It was basically born out of the frustration that i often see from artists in this town and the country who really want to showcase themselves but struggle to find great, safe platforms to perform because they are so scarce! Most of the time you already need to have an established name to get a good spot at a venue in Cape Town. Woodstock Open Mic at THREE FEATHERS DINER is the perfect spot for any UPCOMING SINGER/SONGWRITER and/or MUSICIAN in Cape Town to come and show what they’ve got. I oversee and run the event. 
  • Three Feathers Diner is such a sick venue, old school murals adorn the walls and the floor is littered with plush muscle cars. It even has a pool table and classic pinball table! It definitely gives a “man cave” vibe. It is also situated in a prime position for artists because on Saturdays the OLD BISCUIT MILL (which is right next door) has a market which is ALWAYS extremely busy. So a lot of people flow through the Diner. It attracts a great crowd of people. This is definitely a NOT TO MISS opportunity for any artist in Cape Town. 

6. What do you love most about what you do?

  • I am addicted to my new found love for producing music. There is nothing like creating a great musical piece of work! It is so fulfilling. Whats even better is to perform it on a stage and see people enjoy your work. Its an instantly gratifying experience that will never get old for me. I love it! I love music!

7. Where to from here for you in terms of your music?

  • I will be release fresh new singles throughout this year and if all goes well i will put together an EP of the best tracks. I also will be performing all around Cape Town. Im excited to see what this town has to offer! Im pretty used to PE audiences (which i love to bits) but I’m sure and I’ve heard that Capetonians have their own special type of gees! A great place to hear my new music is to come and check me out at WOODSTOCK OPEN MIC where i will sometimes perform a small set 🙂

8. Your message to aspiring singers out there?

  • Grab every opportunity. Create your own content. Im so fortunate to have the most supportive parents any guy could ask for, and i am so grateful for their unending love and guidance though my career so far. Many kids don’t have such a supportive base, but i would say don’t let that stop you. We live in a social media age. There is no excuse to put yourself out there, however that may be. Love what you do, keep it classy, keep it positive and uplift your fellow artists, cause you never know when you’ll need them one day!

                       Sing a song with Gino Lee

1. Your current favourite track?

  • Im really loving that new Missy Elliot track, “I’m Better”. Its so simple yet so lit.

2. My celebrity crush is….

  • I have a couple but i would have to say right now definitely Emma Stone, i just watched La La Land and she is definitely #baegoals !!!

3. A quote you live by?

  • “Do what you have to do, so that you can do what you want to do.” Its a simple one. I don’t know who originally said it but its something my mom has always said to me and it just stuck.

4. How would you define love?

  • I don’t think you can define love. All i know is that it ALWAYS wins.

5. Would you:

Sleep in a box filled with scorpions or swim in a tank filled with jellyfish?

  • Jellyfish tank, hands down! I hate crawling insects!!!! At least you could like try and avoid the jellyfish or something, those scorpions in that box aint gon be too happy. 

The Bokem Legacy Team wishes Gino Lee all the success in the world!


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