NEWSFLASH…LIVE LIFE DELIBERATELY Corporate Wellness Workshop making airwaves. 

Claudelle Naidoo, MediaCom South Africa’s Head of Insights and New Business Director, says the company feels honoured to be Forever Changed’s launchpad for its first (“Live Life Deliberately “) corporate wellness event in South Africa which took place on 12th December 2016.

“We partnered with Addi Lang’s cause because MediaCom’s vision and mission is to put people first. It was important for us to become involved with an NGO that did more than assist people in need financially; it had to be an organisation with a holistic approach to well-being. Forever Changed stood out for us firstly because of Addi’s contagious passion to turn her trials and tribulations into a cause of hope for others. Secondly, because the corporate programme empowers through first-hand experiences and fact-driven education. 

This is why Forever Changed is such an appropriate name – it is truly a catalyst for positive change. MediaCom is therefore proud to be involved in this initiative, and we hope that we can inspire other corporates to give their employees the invaluable gift of choice as well.”


Says Addi Lang “It was through the success of the public Dance of The Butterfly events, that content has been adapted for the corporate sector. Benefits of attending include being able to demystify the fear of cancer, and to find a way to live life deliberately.The focus is not only on cancer, but to find a colourful way to live after any trauma. We all know that knowledge is power and by empowering staff to engage in conversations regarding this topic that has always been seen as a taboo. People feel less alone, frightened and helpless when having to face a cancer diagnosis. It is important to involve Chief HR Officers (CHRO) HR Directors/HR Executives, Senior HR Managers, Heads of Talent Management, Chief Learning Officers, EAP directors and Senior HR Academics.

MediaCom South Africa have indeed put their people first, and we are continuing to work with the HR Department aswell”


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