It’s The Bokem Legacy’s Most Famous – Theogan Pillay

He needs no introduction and for those who know him, they will clearly agree that Theogan is so much on the “Famous” side on social media. He is always helping people smile and bringing out the laughter oh too often. The Bokem Legacy is ready to take you through a journey about Theogan as we put him to the test of knowledge and what ultimately makes him FAMOUS…

1. How would you describe yourself using 5 words?





2. What makes you unique from the rest?

I do not mean to come across as being sarcastic, egotistical or self-important, but the reasons as to how I am different from the others are as follows: 

My field of study (BSc Electrical Engineering) has made me different from others in the sense that, logical thinking, reason and emotional aspects play a vital role in solutions to problems. 

I often surprise people with my reactions and perspectives. 

I have great self-esteem and good confidence, which helps me accept challenges that I may not appear to deliver fully. 

I am not afraid of failure. I am sure my fellow Engineering colleagues will agree with me on this.   

I am a smart worker. I work with dedication and never give up in adversities. 

My amiable nature makes others approach me and I am ever so willing to help.
3. Talk to me about your family? 

We are a family of five. My mother is a housewife and my father is teacher. My two younger twin sisters are currently studying at UKZN. 
4. Why would you regard yourself as a social media most famous person? 

I have said this before and I will say it again: 

Firstly, those savage captions on all my selfies be it on Facebook or Instagram.

Acquiring caption and photo credits from fellow friends. 

Many compliments on my great sense of style in terms of dressing and hair. 

Fantastically connecting with people, bringing out their best, and firing up their self-confidence. 

My collection of memes featured on numerous comments. 

•    Cause…. I am an Engineer. 

Lastly, my great sense of humour and quick wit for posts. 

5. Why did you enter The Bokem Legacy’s Most Famous Social Media Competition?

No matter how popular you are, one always wants more friends and followers. The main reason for my entry into this competition is to connect with friends, so they get to know the real me. It is also a great networking platform for all those that have entered. 

6. Do you think teenagers are spending a lot of time on social media, why?

Let us not paint all teenagers with the same brush. I would say most of the teenagers know how to spend their time on social media wisely. They are able to juggle between their schoolwork and keep up with their social media feeds. On the other hand, some teenagers are on social media 24/7. What they fail to realise is that social media will only help you to a certain extent. As a result, teenagers need to moderate their usage on social media and concentrate on their studies. It’s all about goals. 

7. Would you regard the overuse of social media as good or bad, why?

Social media has its benefits. Whether it is being updated with what is going on with the population, sharing your thoughts or keeping in contact with friends and family over the globe, it has evolved and become a very popular form of communication. Social media is time consuming and nearly addictive. People find themselves staying up late making changes to their profiles, posting new pictures or statuses. This is done at the cost of sleep. Sleep is one of the most important thing to teenagers and their health.

Most of the phones host applications, which allow teenagers to access social networks 24/7, especially while in school. Many students update statuses and tweet while in the middle of a lesson, in the hallways or at lunch. Although it may not seem like a big deal then, it distracts you from what you are learning and you may miss out later on when struggling to understand what was taught. 

As mentioned, social media has its benefits. It depends solely on how you choose to use it.

8. Do you think that you play a significant role in people’s lives over social media, how so?

Yes, I have played a significant role in a few people’s lives. I wish not to elaborate on this due to personal reasons. 

9. Social Media can bring out the worse in people and over the years, we have seen that it has gotten people into a lot of unwanted attention/drama. How do you manage what you post and have you ever been involved in social media uproar?

I abide fully by the Facebook and Instagram Community Standards policy. My posts do not include nudity, hate speech or violence and graphic content. I thus encourage respectful behaviour with my posts amongst friends and family. 

I have never been involved in social media uproar.  

10. Your message to all your fans out there?

“Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely; excitingly, imaginatively; unless you can choose a challenge instead of competence.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

“Empty hands and knowledge are the best weapons a warrior can have.” – Christian Howard

“You’re only as good as you allow yourself to be. Allow yourself to be great, and embrace the happiness that follows.” – Joseph Torres 

I would also like to thank all my fans who have voted for me in being the Bokem Legacy’s Most Famous. I truly appreciate it. Keep slaying guys  

                 Big Talk With Theogan

1. Most sexiest part on your body? 


2. Worst pick up line ever used? 

Hey, Gorgeous…. Oops, I mean flawless… 

3. One thing you can’t resist in a girl is… 

This is quite difficult, but I will say her smile 

4. Your favourite pass time hobby is? 

Adventure trails 

5. Jacob Zuma or Donal Trump? 

Donald Trump 


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