Jesse Govender pictured left with his newly formed band members, Nicolle and Caleb

When you have a dream as big as the ocean, no one can stop you. Coming from a family of musicians it wasn’t long enough that Jesse will this passion and make it big in the industry. After entering one of South Africa’s biggest talent shows – SA’s Got Talent he went on to being the runner up. Months after the competition, he has now formed his own band and things are about to go viral.

The Bokem Legacy Team caught up with Jesse to capture his story…

1. Who is Jesse Govender?

Jesse govender is a young small town musician with big dreams. currently at my second year at ukzn studying music.

2. When and how did you find your passion for singing?

I think really the passion isnt singing but more for music as a whole. it all started when i picked up a guitar when i was five and it all grew from there.

3. Talk to me about your family…

Most of my interest started at a young age because of my family. i have an extremely musical family. and thats where my gifts have been derived from, its definitely genetic. 

4. What made you enter SA’s Got Talent?

It was actually my friends idea for me to enter, he had more faith in me than i did in myself.

5. What has been your biggest highlight in the competition?

The biggest highlight would be the friends and people ive met along the way . also i think for me the best part of participating was meeting fans, its an amazing feeling to know that people other than family believe and support you.

6. Talk to me about your band and your aim going forward…

Well the band is a trio comprised of My sister (Nicolle Govender), my cousin ( Caleb Deeplal) . we are currently still looking for a name but i see big things ahead of us and plan to bring a new era of music in SA.

7. What are your future plans as an artist?

My future plans will be to work my way up with my band and hopefully permanently engrave my name in the history of south african music.

8. Apart from singing, what do you do?

I’d say that music takes like 90% of my life but i do enjoy playing clash of clans and just hanging out with friends.

9. Who is your inspiration and why?

I have a whole load of inspirations but i’ll say Jamie cullum and Avenged Sevenfold. brilliant musicians and just the passion they have for what they do is amazing, also i love watching them perform.

10. Message to all aspiring musicians out there…

Its all about the passion, just follow your passion and the rest will take care of itself 



1. Current favourite song?

 Say you Won’t let go – James Arthur , but the boyce avenue cover

2. Favourite instrument to play?

Bass, bass is such a fun instrument to play

3. What’s your smoothest pick up line?

Are you an angel because you are out of this world

4. One thing your girlfriend dislikes about you?

My beard, she just hates it lol

5. Favourite home cooked meal Is…

My mum makes a mean chicken curry



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