A Born Dancer – Sashin Kandhai

Photo Credits – Yuveer Karunchund

When life throws you lemons, you grab them with both hands and turn them into an unforgettable story. Dance alike is an art form that expresses ones feelings and emotions. Through storytelling, in sync dance choreography and the mindset to achieve the impossible, 20 something Sashin Rob Kandhai is rapidly becoming one of the world’s best dancers. 

The Bokem Legacy is honored to feature this born dancer… Check out his interview below.

1. What does dance mean to you?

Dance means living.

It’s everything I eat, sleep and breathe. 

It’s basically who I am.

2. How would you describe yourself using 5 words?



Hard working



3. Dance is a way of telling a story, if you had the opportunity to tell a unique story through dance, what will it revolve around and why?

 It would definitely revolve around homophobia. I feel that so many people are still so intolerant of homosexual individuals purely because they don’t understand what it is so they fear and hate it. So many kids struggle to live their truth because their parents may never accept it so I would use dance to tell that story.

4. You’ve worked with the some of the world’s best dancers, who has been the best you’ve shared a stage with and why?

There are so many. 

Honestly in my years as an artist I have shared stage space with incredible performers.

Amongst my favorites would definitely be Madhuri Dixit purely because she is the queen of dance and its a dream come true to perform alongside her and my team at Oriental Fire, Tina Kapp and Anna Rodrigues because they’re inspiring artists who constantly push me to do better and being on stage with them is an incomparable feeling.

5. What are the different styles of dance you mastered in and what’s your most favourite dance style?

I don’t think I would ever say I have mastered any style. I’m learning new things everyday and that’s the best way to live as a performer. Bollywood is obviously my favorite. I love Kathak too. This year I started training in aerial silks and its become an absolute favorite style of mine. 

6. Where do you gain all your inspiration and motivation from?

Life inspires me.

People inspire me.

I’m inspired by the team I work with and the friends I have. Young and passionate artists inspire me. Seeing others work hard at their craft inspires me to work even harder at mine. 

7. What are the qualities of a great dancer?


All the technique and training in the world is nothing if the passion within you can’t come across on stage. Don’t get me wrong, technique is very important. It refines you as an artist but for me, to be a great dancer you have to be able to allow the passion and love for dance to flow through you. When you enjoy it, everyone who watches you will enjoy it and be captivated.

8. Does South Africa have talent, why?

Most certainly.

This year alone I have met some of the most insanely talented individuals ranging from kids to adults. There’s so much hidden talent which I feel needs to surface soon. The industry needs fresh faces and innovative talents.

9. Recently you won the Jhalak Dikhal Jaa Championships and you prize was a trip to Mumbai to visit the set of Big Boss Season 10, hosted by Salman Khan. What was it like firstly winning and tell us about your experience in Mumbai…

Winning Jhalak was incredible. You get so much respect for being. Jhalak Dikhla Jaa winner. I experienced that in Mumbai. 

My trip was phenomenal and I want to thank Colors TV and Star Attraction for making sure I had the best of the best when I was in Mumbai.

I got to visit the Big Boss set and watch Salman Khan up close be the star that he is. 

It was a dream trip for anyone who is a fan of the Indian entertainment industry. 

10. Your words of encouragement to aspiring dancers out there?

Work hard and never sell yourself short.

Respect yourself as an artist and don’t let people take advantage of your art. 

The industry is tough and there will be many failures before there are successes. Trust me I know. Have faith, keep your head up and always believe in the beauty of your dreams.

11. Please share with us all your upcoming plans…

2017 is going to be insane.

There are so many incredible shows lined up and collaborations with my dancer friends from around the world. 

I definitely will be doing more acting as well.

I’m excited. 2016 was such a blast and 2017 is going to rock even more.



1. Your most embarrassing moment was…

 I get asked this all the time and I honestly don’t have one…yet.

2. How would you define love?

An uninvited experience of both happiness and pain.

3. Sleeping in a box of snakes or diving into a pool of jelly fish?

As long as there are no spiders involved I’ll take anything. Perhaps not the snakes.

4. Your favourite song is?

There are so many. Currently it’s Channa Mereya from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

5. Your favourite home cooked meal is…

Chops chutney.


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YouTube: Sashin Kandhai

Website: Oriental Fire

Photo Credits – Jade Rodrigues

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