Hello, darkness my old friend


Our lives seem to be pitted by perpetual incidendents of turmoil and upheaval .No matter how brave the heart and wise the soul, it  never fails to stop us in our tracks and breath in ……,breaths become bated and pain intensifies deep inside of us.


We can never be fully prepared for what happens next in our lives. All our prayers merely make the incidents less sore. Often it’s the shock of it all that rocks our stability. The unexpected death, the sudden quarrel, the cruelty of words and the rawness of honesty all destroy us in bits…


Often I just ask for serenity of each day being usual and expected I detest the change and the fright of not knowing what will happen tomorrow. How nice it would be if yesterdays and all my tomorrows were all the same?

I don’t long for the unknown…its been too much for me to bear .The loss of my parents ,the decline of my family and the lack of respect from some has left me scarred .The island life and the ‘hakuna matata’ philosophy appeals to me in spades.


I guess that why I love the ocean, the monotony and the expectedness of its rhythm. You can stand there for hours and know its will come and go. The tides too know their place and time and only are dictated to be the moon.

How ideal….if we could be just ebbs and flow and know with deep certainty that all is well.


Days when the doom and darkness envelope me in its squeeze, I feel like I need to escape to my island…Where the waves lull me into serenity.


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