Upon completion of his matric exams , 18 year old Krishay Narayan was diagnosed with SLE, a form of LUPUS. A passionate cricket players dream was crushed! Unable to comment on the interview, his sister Sonam decided to share he thoughts on her brother below.

Check out the interview below.

1. Describe your self using 5 well words.

Bottles up feelings 
(Because of lupus)
A fighter and winner
Very handsome

2. Talk to me about your life before being diagnosed with Lupus.

Loved playing cricket but had to leave it because of the sun. He used to work out but now suffers from body pain. He was happier. 

3. What type of Lupus do you suffer from and how had it changed your life?

SLE-he’s depressed, angry  and hides his feelings n thoughts. He suffers with body pain.

4. What type of medication is given to you for Lupus?


5. Talk to me about your family…

Sister( me Sonam): His mental health and emotions effect me more then the physical aspects. We all have to stay positive but at times I feel confrontation is needed in terms of dealing with thoughts and feelings. I know that even I need councelling on this.
I dont think my parents understand the importance of having him stress free and healthy. Our aunt jokes about lupus at times. Its much needed. It helps the healing. Laughter is good.

6. How do you accomplish your dreams and aspirations after your diagnosis?

He has difficulty at times walking to and from lecture venues. The sun is no friend either. Its hard to study being tired but his friends are there to support him. Even with lupus, he is doing great, even on his own.He may feel stuck with computer science but he probably would have choose that anyway, even without lupus. Its just sad to know that you cant be anything you want to be like you were raised to believe, but God is good as there’s probably more opportunity in this field. Also life isnt a fairytale so with lupus there’s personal development which in my (Sonams’) opinion is way more important.

7. What would be your message to all of those who has Lupus?

My lesson (Sonam and advice) Face life. Dont live in denial. You speaking will help others. If nothing else let that be you purpose. Lupus is not a death sentence. That’s a fact so face it. Healthy living- both mental and physical  is going to help you so face it. Get off ur butt and stop feeling sorry 4 yourself if you are for you are loved infinately. My brother is the love of my life- the closest family I have.

Small talk with Sonam

1. Chicken or mutton?

Not sure what he like but be it chicken or mutton he is an amazing cook.

2. Favourite brand?

Brands dont matter to him, I guess. The soul matters. You cant give that a branding or value he’d say.

3. Who is your role model?

His sister…never. lol.

4. One thing you learnt about life is….

Nothing is accomplished without effort. He’s a hard worker
Its hard to fight with a smart person but even harder to win with a stupid one….i know this because I see him walking away or shutting up. He will learn that the curb ball in criket was too weak for him. The curb ball of lupus…now that’s a match as God never gives you something too easy or too great to handle.


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