I Pray On A Miracle For My Best Friend – Christopher Seth Chetty

A best friend is created by God. Although not connected by blood, a best friend is the closest you’ll ever have to God. 

The horror crash that took place a few months ago injured two and left the other critically injured. Christopher Chetty, the driver of the car recalls the day of the crush and wishes his best friend wasn’t there.

Here is his story….

It’s over

It’s done 

I’ll miss you, my first car. We had fun
My car is important but not as important as you Asheel. 

All I can do now Is pray my best friend Will be ok and we can finally go cut our hair when you are better that’s all we wanted well rai and I, you already cut your hair and we laughed at your hair style, guess jokes on us now casus you’re in hospital with a super cool hair style and I’m at home with a collar. 

I don’t know what to say to make all this better, there’s nothing really. We just have to wait. This is that oh time will heal everything situations. 

I know everything will work out, I mean look at my car there’s nothing left, we flipped four times, rolled over and hit a tree and we are alive, we walked away, ahh well I got carried away passed out from all the pain but you didn’t pass out, clearly you’re stronger than me and rai, that guy walked away and made sure we are ok. I know You will be ok and hey you can punch me for this but not the face thou haha. 

About an hour before all of that we were talking about how lucky we are to have each other, three friends that always have each other, I thank God for rai and you. 

I don’t remember anything that happened that day when the car went of the road, I just remember us laughing and being happy together, talking about going to Durban day the next day. We didn’t get to go obviously haha but the three of us will be laughing together soon.
I’m so sorry Asheel
I love you brother and pray that God will keep you safe and heal you.

The Bokem Legacy Team Wishes Asheel a speedy recovery. 

Remember to drive safely this festive season.


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