LIVE LIFE DELIBERATELY –  The Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign heads to Israel

The story that affects us all, CANCER knows no boundaries, no matter how rich or famous, no matter how thin or fat, no matter how healthy or not, no matter what age, no matter what race or gender.


 PINKtober saw the launch of the “Live Life Deliberately” Corporate Wellness Workshops, Addi Lang says she is honoured to be working with MediaCom South Africa, which will enhance her efforts, not only to spread the campaign message with ambassadors, but to further assist battle weary warriors and honour fallen warriors. This campaign launched in October 2014 at a well attended press conference and is going from strength to strength. Other lifestyle partners include Jetline Sandown, 4AKID and AfoodAffair.


Lang, (who is not only a family member, friend, or colleague,  to so many of us in the tv and film industry and performing world), is the founder of the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign, and is also the executive producer of The Forever Changed DocumentaryFor those of you who are not familiar with The Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign, it is all about CHOICES.  Choices of how you live your life, and a reminder of what options there are for all of us. 


Addi has aptly named her new chapter “Dance Of The Butterfly” which is in support of the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign which runs 365 (days each year)..These events have been hosted by ambassadors worldwide, (with the launch in Hollywood in March 2016), already seen in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, with the next event in Israel on 5th December 2016. With Key Note Speaker Yael Benhamou and Guest Speaker Audrey Michele,  with VIP guest and MC Andrea Stern.


The background into the (IP) Intellectual Property of the “Dance of The Butterfly Events”,  firstly this is the only official public event, which is licensed to screen TheForever Changed Documentaryaround the world, and is produced and directed by The African Motion Picture Company. Secondly, it is Addi’s intention to EMPOWER and EDUCATE the audiences, also because of her background in the performing arts, to be sure that audiences are ENTERTAINED. More than that it is about you as the audience not ONLY being empowered, educated, and entertained, but about YOU as the public supporting brave cancer warriors who are fighting for their lives, as proceeds from each event are donated directly to warriors. All warriors understand just how difficult it is to walk this journey, not only physically and emotionally, but as Addi knows only to well, financially.


Celebrity Ambassadors involved in the spread of the global campaign include Aly Cook in New Zealand, Nate Butler in Atlanta, Blaze Johnson, from “The Voice,” USA, (thanks to Just You Model Management South Africa) South African Award Winning Actor Emmanuel Castis, including Sean Cameron Michael, Cindy Alter, Renos Nicos Spanoudes and TV and Radio Producer/Presenter Paulinah Somo.


 As Addi was diagnosed in a late stage, and as the brave cancer warrior that she is, she has chosen to live her life deliberately and to inspire others. To date Addi has self funded and maintained her campaign over the past 850 days. Despite her own unfortunate circumstances of medical negligence and of not having adequate medical aid and no insurance cover, she underwent surgery and chemotherapy and was determined to complete the riveting documentary.  Addi wears THIS pink ribbon proudly as her valued contribution to society which she sees as a roadmap for health enthusiasts, care givers and warriors. This roadmap is something that she believes had SHE been enlightened to years ago, would have changed the course of her life and the choices that she made at the time of her diagnosis. Addi has chosen not to undergo any further tests or treatment and to live her life as colourfully, naturally and holistically as possible.


About the Forever Changed Documentary Addi says


“At the start of the filming of this documentary which was in July 2015, I highlighted that each person interviewed was welcome to share their thoughts and views by explaining and sharing their own treatment choices, but ALL signed a disclaimer that they may NOT say that there is a cure for cancer or that their method of treatment is a cure for anyone, other than what they have done for themselves and the research that they have done.  My reason for this was and still is…to honour and respect the many fallen warriors who have been family and friends to me, who fought so bravely, that have died of cancer, and to their grieving families. Fellow warrior, that you have seen, 36 year old, lead in TV Series “Black Sails”, well known international actor Jannes Eiselen is the 2nd warrior in this documentary, all so very determined and so positive, to have just gained his angel wings..Rest In Peace friend.., with 41 year old Sebastian Bono speaking about the physiological battle, who was the first to gain his angel wings..Rest In Peace friend…,whom I am certain are both smiling and watching over us todayIt has indeed been a very interesting journey… I am forever grateful to have gained such a large following of like minded butterflies who understand the blood sweat and tears that have gone into this campaign which is spreading the butterfly effect. A very clear global warning message which is to rattle all of you to your core that will remind you to avoid apathy and live life deliberately.


1.    NO sugar coating, the truth 365.

2.    know YOUR health rights.

3.    and simply.. “your life, your CHOICE”.

4.    I am NOT for or against chemotherapy,radiation, or oncology in general.

5.    I AM for every warrior, who have earned their right to CHOOSE how they want to LIVE their lives.

6. I AM for every warrior, who have earned their right to CHOOSE their treatment options by making informed decisions.

7.    A question of quality VS quantity, including ALL treatment options available.

8.    Conventional OR holistic treatment?… a very personal decision.



To book tickets for the ISRAEL event on 5th Dec 2016 contact Dana on

To book tickets for the JHB event on 26th Feb 2017 contact Michelle


Contact Details: Corporate Wellness Workshops & Public Events contact:  Belinde Davidson (National Campaign Director) on 082 465 8908 or and see



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