The Bokem Legacy Shares A Day In The Life Of ADDI LANG

Through my journey of educating myself about cancer, I’ve come to known one of thee most remarkable person on this planet, Addi Lang. Her passion to create awareness about Cancer is on a whole new level. The Bokem Legacy caught up with her to find out all about her life, Cancer and the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign.

1. What’s the most difficult part of living with Cancer? 

Understanding that you have to make changes very quickly, and that it is a battle of the mind. Facing death and understanding how to LIVE your life.

2. What Cancer do you have and how were diagnosed? 

Breast Cancer. I had pain for a long time, went to the doctor 3 times and each time he told me not to worry. It was a cramp/spasm/stress etc. I believed what the doctor told me and carried on my life without doub. I left it for a long time and then it was diagnosed as late stage cancer. The tumours then joined to create a large one.

3. If you had the chance to describe yourself in one sentence, what will it be? 

That I am someone who understands CHOICE and lives life deliberately.

4. Talk to me about the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign…

It was created after the press conference in Oct 2014. It was a global warning about understanding your own health rights, and that you have the right to ask as many questions as you like, to your doctor. If you are not satisfied then you need to understand that you can ask more questions, or go for 2nd or 3rd opinions.

5.  What do you aim to achieve via this campaign? 

To create a global warning through a community of like minded souls. In addition, to remind newly diagnosed warriors to choose their treatment carefully as there are many options. Having said that, it remains a very personal decision.

6. How has your life changed after you were diagnosed?

I do things very quickly and always appreciate the days, the blessings, and the learnings….One day I know it will pass.

7. How do you keep positive and motivated?

 I am blessed with a very strong support system of family and friends. Of course, my beloved better half Davidka, who is my rock.

8. Your massage of hope to those fighting the battle to cancer? 

There is life after diagnosis and the biggest thing is to make a choice of how you choose to live each day.

9. How can one help assist a patient who is going through cancer? 

Be a good listener, and remind them that there are choices that they need to make. And then, support them through their dark times, and have fun with them in the good days.

BIG talk with Addi

1. Your favourite colour? 

Purple with a splash of PINK.

2. Do you believe in life after death? 

Aboslutely Yes, this cancer journey has allowed me to take a long hard look at my beliefs and the answer for me is very clear.

3. Your role model is? 

I am blessed to have been in contact with many many people, over many years, the one that stands out as a highlight is ADVOCATE GEORGE BISOS, whom is my role model.

4. What does love mean to you? 

Love is everything, it is all we have to make the world a better place.

5. One thing you regret?

Having had surgery and chemotherapy.

For any information regarding the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign, contact Addi on:

Check all details below for the next event taking place in Israel.

The Bokem Legacy Team Wishes Addi All The Best In Her Aim To Create Awarness And Cause A Global Change. GOD BLESS YOU!

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