“I NEED MY LADY” – Crotona P dedicates a song to his wife who is a Lupus fighter.

I can’t picture my life without you baby, not this soon. He would by take it away from me, that’s not how God is. I need her Lord, I need her around. If you need to take somebody take me coz I can’t barely see a day without her, it’s just how I’m feeling lately… That’s just a few words from the song Crotona P had written for his wife Jacqueline Baez who is fighting lupus.

The Bokem Legacy caught up with Crotona and Jacqueline and this is their story…

1. How would your wife describe you using five words?

Strong,Helpful,Lovable,Courageous and Respectful.

2. Talk to me about your passion for rap…

I love writing songs.Its my way of dealing with issues I may have in my head. The perfect outlet for me to express myself.I also love that we as independent artist now can capitalize off the work we put out. I just cant see myself putting the pen or mic down anytime soon.

3. Let’s take a moment or two and let’s talk about your wife, Jacqueline, what type of person is she and if there’s one thing you would like to tell at this very moment, what will it be?

Jackee is my everything. She taught me that falling in love again was possible after many failed attempts. She has accepted my child as her own as I have hers as well. I just need my lady and couldnt picture life without her.

4. How’s has Lupus impacted on Jacqueline’s life?

She has lost a lot of her enthusiasm when it comes to going out places. It makes it very difficult when the flares come and it weakens her. It has made her much more emotional.

5. How was she diagnosed, what symptoms came about?

She was diagnosed 4 years ago after many false diagnoses.The symptoms were achy bones,migraines,massive weight loss,forgetfulness etc That’s when we knew we had to get a second opinion.

6. How do you both keep positive about the situation?

We just focus on our kids and continue to work so they can have the things they need. They’re good days and bad ones but we keep pushing on.

7. How as her sickness impacted on you’lls relationship?

It has made it stronger. I learned to appreciate her more and respect everything she does for our family. I just know that I need to be there for her because I love her so that is my duty. Anything I can do to make her day easier I do and I know she loves and appreciates me for it because she shows me everyday.

8. Recently you dropped a beat or two and dedicated a song to God for your wife, speak to me about this track…

It was just a message to him letting him know that if he needs to take one of us I’d rather it be me cause I cant picture life without her. Plus it was just pretty much stating what we go through because of the disease and how we support each other through all of it.

9. What is your advise for couples who are faced with either one of them having Lupus?

Although the disease is one that many can’t see on the outside always keep in mind the pain within is great and you partner needs all the help and support they can get from you. If you love this person help them but if not,don’t waist their time cause who knows how long god will have them on this earth.The last thing they need is someone who doesn’t care around them.

10. A message to my wife will be….

I love you and will always be there for you and our kids.


1. What is Jacqueline’s favorite colour?

  • Purple

2. Her favourite restaurant?

  • The Cheese Cake Factory

3. What will she prefer, sky diving or bungee jumping?

  • Neither.lol

4. Chicken or lamb?

  • Chicken

5. Jeans or dresses?

  • Jeans

The Bokem Legacy commands you on your courageous act of standing with your family and more your wife through this trying time. May God bless you all but a special prayer to Jacqueline. Blessings forever.


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  2. Vet says:

    Dope! God bless your union and Jacqueline’s health! #MadRespect

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