Nikhil Sivnarain Aims To Inspire People Through Is Love For Rap

Over the past few years we’ve seen that rap has taken over our streets or better yet our households. Most rap contains lyrics pertaining to the life of the rapper or his or her view point on the world. Much could be said for Durban born rapper Nikhil Sivanarain  who aims to motivate and inspire people through his music. 

The Bokem Legacy caught up with the talented young man and this what went down… 

​1. How would you define rap?

Rap is not something that you can define,its an art , a way to tell stories that people can relate in poetry 

2. At what age did you begin rapping and how did you get introduced to the world of rap?

I’ve been rapping from a young age , always listening to international songs and rapping over it , from the age of 17 I started writing my own music and recording it , I just wanted to do something I love and see what the public thought of it 

3. How does rap differ from another genres of music?

Rap is not about just rhyming words , its more about the story telling , delivery , energy and flow

4. Who do you draw your inspiration from and why?

Society and life experiences , I’ve seen so much in my life that I don’t like talking about , that’s why I rather put it in a rhyme for others to relate.

5. Talk to me about your soon to be released single – Ego

 Ego is not one of my normal style songs, its more of the lyrical side of me. I did this song just to prove to people I can be lyrical at times. 

6. What do you aim to achieve through your music?

I want people to see that anyone can do it,I want to inspire a nation , I want people to follow their dreams. 

7. Where do you see yourself , 10 years from now?

I see myself on stage , doing what I love. 

8. If you had to rap a sentence of what defines you, what would the lyrics be?


9. Your message to aspiring rappers out there is?

Don’t listen to others bringing you down, chase dreams and prove those people wrong   

Rapping Quick Facts About Nikhil

1. Favourite colours? 

blue , purple , red 

2. Pass time hobbies? 

soccer , music , playing online (call of duty) 

3. My most embarrassing moment was…

tearing my school pants at school after trying to kick the wall

4. Do you believe in life after death?

Yes I do , I believe whatever we do in this lifetime defines how our next life will be. 

5. Your smoothest pick up line is?

people say I sound like drake when I rap , but you can call me rake and I shall give you the D later.

Check out his Facebook for the preview of his single – Ego

The Bokem Legacy Wishes Nikhil All The Best In His Future Endeavors √


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