Keshav Maharaj’s Dream Comes True

A dream can only be accomplished when you wake up and make it happen. Keshav had worked extremely hard and never lost focus on his ultimate goal. After speaking to him a few months back, I’d learned that he will never stop until he gets what he needs. His dream of playing for the Proteas was soon realised a few weeks ago when he was chosen as one of the players to play against Australia. Currently he is in Australia preparing for his matches. None the less, The Bokem Legacy caught up with him and this is what went down.

1. At what age did you start playing cricket and why did you choose this specific sport?

I started playing cricket at the age of three in my backyard. My parents were the ones who showed me into the sport and from there I took into it. Not only did I play cricket, I was also a good soccer player and at the age of 13 I decided to get fully into cricket and from them I stuck to it.

2. What has been your fondest memory of playing cricket as a kid?

My fondest moment had to be when I was a kid and I received my first ever provincial cap and guess what, I was just 11. It was a really good feeling!

3. When did you start playing professional cricket and what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from playing the game?

I started playing professional cricket at the age of 20. It was actually on my 20th birthday that I debuted in professional cricket. It was a lot different from amateur ( B side) and school boy cricket. It’s a lot more intense. It was indeed a great and humbling feeling and apart from the cricket itself, you still an ambassador for the people out there and you got to set a really good example.

4. Who inspires you and why?

I gain most of my inspiration through the Almighty. He has lead me to where I am today. Apart from my family and of course my parents, he keeps me grounded. 

5. So you off to play for the South African Cricket side soon. Talk to me about your emotions behind this great achievement and what you aim to achieve from now on…

It all hit me when my family came over recently, it was very emotional. I am very excited at the opportunity and hoping that I can make a positive impact in international cricket and hopefully be a regular for the Proteas. Going forward in my career and leaving a legacy. It’s still a real feeling and I’m just super super excited.

6. Your message to aspiring cricket players out there…

Don’t give up on your dreams. Things don’t happen over night. Hard work and dedication never hurts anyone. There will be obstacles, just go through them and it will only be uphill from there.

The Bokem Legacy Team Wishes Keshav All The Best In His Future Endeavours And With Taking The South African Cricket Team To Greater Heights.


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