A Trip Down Memory Lane With Madhushan Singh

The Bokem Legacy caught up with Madhushan Singh, who plays a lead role in soon to be released movie – Keeping up with the Kandasamy’s. His passion for the arts of performance has lead him to an unforgettable journey in the industry. As he prepares for another upcoming role, We managed to catch a glimpse of his life and his career as an actor.

1. What is the fondest memory you have as a kid?

I grew up playing sports so I think my fondest memory would be winning tournaments. I was very competitive in sport.

2. When and how did you realise your passion for acting?

I think I was about 12 and got casted in a stage production, was a minor role but I loved the experience and kept going back to improve myself and then I landed my first feature film. 

3. Let’s take it back a few years ago when you starred on  White Gold, what character did you play and what has being a lesson you’ve carried that you’ve learned from then?

White Gold, which was a movie co produced between serendipity productions and African lotus productions. My character was a village boy in the 1900s at a time when India faced harsh reality under the English rule and he falls in love with a girl who belongs to another religion and how fate brings them to South Africa, the movie celebrated 150 years of Indians in our country. It was my first feature film so I leant quite a bit. 

4. Take me through your journey of being on Radio.

I started my radio career at 13 doing a school show highlighting issues we faced as young teenagers from drugs to suicide as well as the promotion of culture and language in the Indian community. I believe all youth need to play an active role in preserving and uplifting the Hindu culture, and I’m happy to see so many youth organisations becoming stronger and doing more in the community today. I have retired from radio as I feel new voices need to be heard.

5. You play a lead role on soon to be released – Keeping up with the Kandasamy’s. What role do you play and what  has the journey being like?

My character is Prishen Naidoo, he’s a young student who loves his family, he’s your typical Chatsworth lad but he’s very shy around girls and he falls for his neighbor played by Mishqah Parthiephal.  

The journey for me has been extremely challenging as the movie is larger than life and it was such a beautiful story and screenplay that It would have been wrong to give my performance anything less than 100%. Having said that it was also very wonderful as I worked with some of the finest actors and crew in the industry.

6. How would you define the art of performance?

When you get to set leave yourself at the door and be your character when you walk in.

7. What are you future plan as an actor?

Right now there are other films in the production process and I’m getting myself in shape for the next.

8. Your advise to aspiring actors out there…

Work on your craft , turn your weaknesses into strengths and don’t be afraid.

9. Who is your role model and why?

I think for the entertainment industry I see someone like Charlie Chaplen as a role model, he would fall and wake up and fall again without waiting for an applause because he was having fun with his act. Love the craft of acting.

                   Spotlight on Madhushan

1. Best gym exercise? 


2. Your favourite homemade meal is?

Veg breyani 

3. Your worst pick up line? 

Is that a phone in your back pocket…cause that @ss is calling me.

4. One quality you find most attractive in a girl...


5. Sky diving or sea snorkelling?

Sky diving
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