The Judges Have Spoken…Finalists Here’s Some Tips – Chatsworth’s Got Talent 2016

The Bokem Legacy sat down with the three judges of Chatsworths Got Talent – Andy Lacez, Anusha Khan & Lloyd Paul. We spoke all things about the finals, their favourites and what can a finalist do to give a star performance.
Dancer and Choreographer Andy Lacez is known for his extreme dancing skills and his famous Krumping.

1. As one of South Africa’s best dancers, what is message to all the dance finalists?

The fact that they have made it this far means that they have capabilities to go all the way to the finals. Yes, we can’t place everybody there but it’s all up to them to suprize us as the judges by giving their very best

2. How can one prepare for a perfect performance?

We prefer the term a ‘satisfying’ performance instead of ‘perfect’ because there is always room for improvement. Confident, point of aproach, story line/emotions of the song or dance… those are the basic fundamentals of having successful performance.

3. What are you specifically looking for with regards to who wins the competition this year?

I am looking for someone who will HIT me with the UNEXPECTED. I have seen them for 3 weeks now so I know them. Consistency being one of the main factors to differentiate 1st 2nd place

4. Do you have any personal favourites? Who are they?

I’d be lying if I said I have a one personal favourite because all of the contestants gave a 110% this past weekend. So I have multiple of singers and dancers who have been doing drastically well since day 1. Should they keep to that same pace or more, then they stand on the good side of the score sheet.

Anusha Khan is a radio DJ on Radio Hindvani and an exceptional hindi singer. Here’s her comments about the competition and what she would love to see from the finalists.

Firstly it is an absolute pleasure to be part of the judging panel of Chatsworth’s Got Talent once again. There are some amazing raw talent in the heart of our community and this is the perfect platform to unfold their talent. 

1. As a judge, how can a finalist ensure that you give them a 10/10.

In my opinion it would be rather difficult for any one of the contestants to earn full points. Close to full points would mean they will have to surpass the expectation in each category. 

2. After running for many years, what are you specifically looking at this year in terms of selecting a winner and what star qualities must they possess?

The entertainment industry is fast paced, fluid and competitive, I would like to see the contestants coming up with fresh innovative ways in which they would show case their talent in the arts. 
In order to stand out they have to prove to be a versatile performer where they must firstly be confident, enjoy what they are doing, be able to interact with the audience and keep them engaged. If he/she is singing then they must be able to sing in melody, pitch and range, feel the song, understand the lyrics and be precise with pronounciation and be a natural. There is no need to imitate anyone. Dance items must be well choreographed and the movement should be in sync with the music. Each artist must be unique when they portray their art form. The stage is theirs for that time so they must show their ownership.

3. Do you have any personal favourites? If so, who?

I have no favourites but was very impressed with Lyle Padavattan. There were a good few contestants who did well and got my attention. Wishing all who made it to the finals well in their performance.

Lotus Fm radio DJ and rap artist Lloyd Paul is our final judge. Let’s see if you can live up to him.

1. We’ve seen some amazing talent with regards to rap… What is your advise to those finalists and how can they stand out?

Bring your own flavour to the microphone. Your attack and lyrical content combined with your flow can set you apart from other rappers.

2. What are your 5 top tips that will help anyone stand out during a performance?

    – Be original

    – Own the stage 

    – Entertain the audience 

    – Choice and quality of music is vital. 

    – Be confident

3. Your advise to aspiring artists out there?

Always be original.Never give up . Bring your best everytime you perform. You can be anything you want to be.Focus,hard work and dedication gets you to the top. 

4. Any personal favourites in the competition this far?If so, who?

No favourites at the moment as the competition is really tight so anyone could scoop the title.



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