Behind The Decks With Katon Black

When your passion ignites into flames, the end result will be something so amazing that will keep your legs wobbling and your head bopping way after you’ve left the dance floor. Katon Black is no man to mess with. A tabla player and now one of South Africa’s hottest DJs.

The Bokem Legacy caught up with him ahead of his new Gig at Wonderland and this is what went down:

1. When did your passion begin for making music and what ignited this spark?

My journey in music started at the age of 4, with my first instrument being a Tabla. Ever since then I’ve played at many eastern events and have self taught myself to play over 15 other instruments. As for igniting a spark..I wouldn’t describe it as a spark..more of a flame that was born long ago and keeps growing with time.

2. How would you describe yourself using 5 words?

A combination of many lives.

3. How are you different from others out there in terms of your profession as a dj?

I’ve only just aquired my own decks in February this year, so I’m still a young dj, but I’ve been excelling at a phenomenal rate because of my extensive background in music production. What makes me different as an artist and dj is that the biggest moves are yet to be made..I’m keeping it a secret for now though 😉

4. What are your top tips to becoming a successful music maker?

As far as production of music goes the best advice I could give to anyone is to learn the basics thoroughly. I could never stress that enough. Once you do know it though the world becomes your playground.

5. How has music changed your life?

I’ve only ever had music in my life so it’s always been there..I think the hardest things to deal with are watching people in my life who lead a normal life..I’m always happy for them but I always think about the many sacrifices I make on a daily basis, from the amounts of hours I put in to not having the regular kind of job that others have, not being able to have regular relationships with people, the depressional phases that artists go through(those are very real) etc.

6. Describe to me the genre of music you make and who is your music specially aimed at?

My music firstly is aimed at any audience. I started with techno but became deeply rooted in progressive house and dubstep, most recently I’ve been producing crowd pleasing deep house but I plan to move away from it again real soon. My works are very video game influenced, with the use of c64 chip tune, cinematic, country, aternate rock, jazz, metal, trance, reggae, moombah and many other types of weird and unusual sounds.

7. If you had the dream of showcasing your music anywhere in the world, where will it be and why?

If I had the opportunity to build a full touring production festival that would be the dream, I guess..personally one stage that I’ll never forget? Ultra South Africa Mainstage. I don’t think there will ever be anything as special as playing for a home crowd.

8. If not music, what will you be doing as a profession?

In a dream? The original idea was to drive for an F1 team. I was never exposed to racing at a young age so I doubt it’ll ever if not music I would want to own and work a coffee shop (unlimited coffee for me haha)

9. Talk to me about your current gig at Wonderland…

I was actually not even planning to enter this competition because I thought the performance date was going to collide with a holiday I was so ends up that I found out that I had mixed up the dates and decided to enter. With the help of many friends and family, and even other competitors I was able to win and I am forever thankful to them, this being my debut at any festival makes it something I will never forget. I’ll be opening the Mainstage for some amazing artists like Grimehouse, Chris Taylor, Dj Fresh, Locnville, Pascal and name just a few.

10. What is your advise to future aspiring djs out there?

Do it yourself. It’s just so much quicker and easier to learn something by yourself. By learning it in your own way you make it yours. Your unique talent. In a world full of copycats the last thing anyone should aspire to be is another person. This might sound so cliché but years after you’ve been through the route of “wanted to be like someone” you’ll understand where you lost save yourself that time right now.


                            Quick chat with Katon

1. Your favourite sport?

  • F1

2. One word to describe love?

  • Coffee.

3. Bungee jumping or sky diving?

  • Xbox360 – Bungee Games produce Halo so I’ll take that (fear of heights is a real thing)

4. Your role model is?

  • Myself. Look up to yourself in the mirror every morning. Remind yourself that you want to be better than yourself today. That’s the best role model anybody could need.

5. Walking on needles for a day or picking up salt with your eyes for an hour?

  • Needles please..acupuncture sounds like the deal haha

The Bokem Legacy Team wishes Katon Black all the best with his future endeavours. Keep shining and we will catch up soon as the secrets you keeping comes to light…haha


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