An online show by the Youth but for Everyone – Tv Teen Talk

Teen Talk TV is a variety talk show that will broadcast every second Tuesday on a very well-known platform called YouTube. This platform will allow fans and viewers across the globe to access our episodes anywhere and at any time of the day. This Talk Show will be presented by vibrant hosts Diolan Govender and Wazana Moncho with a hint of their own spice and personality.

T.T.T. will focus on the latest fashion trends and celebrity ‘scoop’. However, the show will take on a sense of lifestyle including fitness and diet where health gurus will share their tips on living a healthy lifestyle. National and international sensations as well as celebrities will be interviewed on their personal lives and success in the industry but these celebrities will also be left entertained after playing games with our young and energetic presenters! This show will be the first in the nation to air new music videos and celebrity news on YouTube.

T.T.T. will have a world class set where upcoming/aspiring artists and our celebrity guests will perform their heart out on our stage! Triple T was founded by teenager Diolan Govender and is run by a board of teenagers who keep the dream of this talk show alive. Absolutely every aspect of Teen Talk TV is driven by teens who promote the message that “teenagers can be business people as well”.

Teen Talk TV will interest the youth however it is also a family show and will be one of the most popular YouTube talk shows in South Africa that empowers our local talent. We are resourceful, bold and entertaining…

We are Teen Talk TV!


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