Isidingos’ Favorite Couple Ties The Knot – Lerato & Sechaba

After winning numerous awards for Isidingo’s favourite”Munchies” , Lerato (Tema Sebopedi) and Sechaba (Motlatsi Mafatshe), finally tied the knot at an extravagant traditional wedding at a location shot at the Northwest Province.

Lerato and Sechaba have spent many years dating. This on screen couple has faced many ups and downs including their most trying times of when Lerato was diagnosed with Cancer, to the times where Lerato cheated on Sechaba with Hamilton and recently through their financial situation, Lerato found out that she cannot bear children.

Viewers have been taken on a rollercoaster ride of endless emotions, tears, laughter and love over these past few months as Lerato sold her engagement ring to save them from a financial crisis, through the endless paying of the labola, Lerato’s ungrateful act for searching for a new home and of course keeping the biggest secret from her fiance, caused viewers to love to hate her during these moments.

We saw former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba grace us with her presence as Lerato’s mum, who came just in time to save the fallen marriage.

The much anticipated wedding took place yesterday (23 September) , where I would describe it as been one of the best in screen weddings ever. The writing team did a splendid job and productions went the extra mile to make us the viewers feel as if we were right there!

The wedding took place at the Christiana All Seasons Resort in the Northwest Province as this location was chosen as a collaboration with Isidingo and Endemol by NWDC to advance the mandate of economic development and awareness in the Northwest Province.

Viewers saw that Lerato wasn’t too keen on getting married and wanted to cancel right at the near end. The classy and stylish Sotho/Tswana wedding came with a lot of drama and when I say drama, I mean REAL DRAMA!!!

The bride and groom were dressed in a traditional blue and white outfit and soon changed into a red and white western costume that suited both the needs of the newly weds.

Sechaba’s mother appeared from the blues as she questioned how could she not attend her son’s wedding.

We saw Calvin telling Obakeng the truth about his and Aphiwe’s kiss, causing Obakeng to break up with Aphiwe then and there. 

This was the perfect chance for Kamogelo to sink her claws into her “boycrush” Obakeng which led them to sleep together.  Spotted by Aphiwe, she drives away with the wedding car.

On the other end, after living with doubt and pure trust, Skhumbuzo finally got the answer to Nikiwe’s and Gabriel’s secret “business meetings”.

If you don’t call that pure drama, then you watching the wrong show. The wedding continues on Monday(26 September) where the drama never stops.

If you missed the wedding, catch the Omnibus tomorrow (25 September) at 10am only on SABC 3.



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