Living With A Death Sentence But Spreading Hope Like You Would Live Forever – Keshia Hansraj

Begin to appreciate your life more…As Keshia Hansraj fights this gruesome disease, begin to reflect on your life. Living With A Death Sentence But that isn’t stopping Keshia from becoming a better person. Living With Cancer isn’t easy, it takes a lot of mental strength to keep moving forward. 

This amazing person took time out to chat to us about her life and spread the love and hope so that we can become better humans beings. Check the interview below.

1. Who was Keshia as a kid?

Well I guess as innocent as any other kid together with being a tiny tot and very quiet but as I grew (I’ve Been told) I sprung up like a giraffe and became very very talkative…

2. If you had to describe yourself, how would you?

Friendly/Sociable. Talkative. Simple. Intellectual. Childish at times. Loud. Fun. Genuine. Trustworthy. Bubbly. Caring. Inspirational. 

3. What type of Cancer do you have and how did you find out about it?

Stage 4 triple negative inflammatory carcinoma. Felt pain in my breast and had swollen glands on my neck so I booked myself into hospital and ran tests. Doctors took 3months to diagnose me.

4. How has your life changed since your diagnosis?

I had to leave work. 
I had to relocate.
I had to become like an indoor house plant as apposed to be being free spirited and always on the move. 
Also learnt to appreciate life more. Gotten to know a lot about cancer.
Got to know who my real family and friends are. 
Got to know how loved and appreciated I really am.
Got to know that there are many kind hearted strangers out there. & 
Also got to know that there are many insensitive people in the world too.
Basically cancer taught me. It educated me on a lot of things.

5. Recently you went through the ordeal of removing your hair… take me through your emotions you felt during this time.

I thought it would be tough. Thought I’d cry. Thought I would never get over it. But it wasn’t as hard. I didn’t cry. And I’m over it. I had/have bigger things to worry about than loosing my hair. Yes I wish I didn’t have to but I mean also wish I didn’t have this disease unfortunately  I can’t do anything to change that but I can change the way I react to it and I have. So yes it was a difficult ordeal but only because people made it that way. They make you feel uncomfortable. They become curious and then you’re left with the aftermath… its a vicious cycle. But I have it under control. I mean it can be concealed and even embraced but having cancer in my organs was more of a concern to me than my physical appearance.

6. Talk to me about your chemotherapy and how it affects your life.

Chemotherapy is terrible… I am on palliative care meaning I’m on it to increase my life span. It’s not a cure. Which makes me hate it even more. It makes me really sick. I’ve posted about the side effects. 
I am on FEC treatment. 21 day cycle. 3 hours. 
Apart from the common side effects it could make women infertile. And it can kill you. They make you sign these facts so, you’ve gotta acknowledge that as much as chemo can help you, it can kill you too… 
Chemo weakens my immune system so no travelling, no visitors or visiting, no crowded places like malls shops etc. Bad idea to go into a hospital. It’s like you gotta live in fear. It’s sad. Makes life even more difficult. But I try to be as normal as possible so after taking 5 days to recover after chemo I wake up dress up and show up. I don’t walk around feeling sorry for myself, I try not to complain about it (I’m successful at that. When anyone asks I always say I’m fine and rarely ever tell anyone how I’m really feeling.) I sure as hell ensure that I do not look sick when I go out in public. Last thing I need is pity party lol… so  that’s how I’m dealing with this thus far. 

7. Who is your role model and why?

Not sure. Guess I don’t have one… 
I have people I admire/ look up to or learn from but no one that I specifically or really want to emulate…

8. What is your words of advise and encouragement to those living with cancer?

Love and Live Your Life. Having said that I know there’s nothing that can ever be said to cancer patients as a whole even to encourage them. Everyone’s journey is so different and it’s so difficult living with this disease that only people that have it or had it would understand what I mean. BUT I’ll go on to say that:
♡No matter how kind people can be. No matter what they say or do sometimes it just doesn’t make a difference I KNOW but — appreciate it anyway.
♡ Stop asking ” why me? ” sad reality is we’ll never know.
♡ For those with the unfortunate “death sentences” like me always continue to have hope, we could get a miracle and with that also remember at least we know how we going to die or have some idea when so take precedence in the fact that at least we get to say bye. 
♡ If you think your situation is bad remember, it could be worse.
♡ lastly… it’s hard. I know that too, but hey don’t go down without a fight!!!!

9. How do you keep the positive spirit going?

I pray. I hope and I believe… Miracles happen every day and when I think of giving up (yes as strong as I may seem I do give up periodically more often that I should) I look at the many people that love me and need me. I will again realise why life is worth living and I then continue my fight for them…♡♡♡

                             Chit chat with Keshia

1. Your favourite colour?

  • Red 

2. One thing you can’t live without?

  • Nothing. I have never attached myself to anything materialistic. No matter what it is. It will only hold sentimental value but I can live without “things”. 

3. Favorite home made curry?

  • Prawn curry

4. Dress or jeans?

  • Jeans 

5. One country you would love visit?

  • India

So today become the change and let’s pause and keep Keshia in our prayers.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. K. GOVENDER says:

    My darling Keshia. I’m so proud of the way you are dealing with this. You are an inspiration. You are a strong tower and a conqueror for the stand you take and the courage you have. I will continue to pray for you and for God to grant you added strength. You are so brave and I find hope in your ache. Love you my darling child and God Richly bless you and let His face shine upon you . Mam. Mrs K Govender. Life Sc educator and ur form teacher in gr 12.

  2. currychick says:

    What a trooper! Hats off to you Keshia! Life is about moments and not material things! We can all learn from your courage and spirit. God bless you beautiful young lady!

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