Gear Up For The Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign

YOU are the CHOICE…

As the month of October draws closer, MEN and WOMEN around the world gather to celebrate, create awareness and offer support,  as an annual treasured celebration of life that is held in hundreds of communities around the world. It is a joyous and hopeful time for those brave battle weary warriors who have survived, an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families, and in honour of the fallen warriors. A month to connect with each other, celebrate milestones and recognize those who have supported them along the way.


After the successful launch in Santa Monica, Hollywood , USA on the 13th March 2016 hosted by Award Winning Actor Emmanuel Castis, with legend mother of rock Cindy Alter and South African actress Casey Kampel living in LA, events have rolled out in Johannesburg, Pretoria with influencers lending their well rehearsed voices at events Robyn Angela Leal,  Paulinah Somo, NIX, Delia and Winston Ho, Jezzy Skei, and JC Du Toit who have just returned from performing in the USA.  Afoodaffair Catering and Events in Cape Town hosted the most recent event, with Natalia Da Rocha as MC with performances by Gino Lee, Chandre Cloete, Seth Ellis, Chandre Bouman and Diolan Govender. Celebrity actor Sean Cameron Michael attended alongside South African icon independent casting director Christa Shamberger Young, with her husband Digby. Audiences have included media, TV and Film Producers, health enthusiasts, cancer warriors, caregivers and members of the public. The audience was enthralled as they watched the long awaited “Forever Changed Documentary”  produced and directed by The African Motion Picture Company. The theme song is written and recorded by Award Winning New Zealand singer/songwriter Aly Cook. International dancer Tilly Daniels Barber danced a lyrical number with Faakhir Bestman using choreography done by Nigel Lucas in honour of fallen warrior Christopher Kindo.


The documentary is a global warning and is part of the “Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign” is a roadmap that is headed by Sandton resident and cancer warrior Addi Lang says “The campaign has become a movement of like – minded people who understand the ethos is about choosing how you live your life and to question everything. As I was diagnosed in a late stage, which is life altering, I have invested my last 860 days in creating this butterfly effect to benefit others, and I am now going on a well deserved sabbatical for my own healing and official ambassadors and National Campaign Director Belinde Davidson are now standing up to continue with spreading the message, while I spend time with my loved ones”


Addi Lang is delighted at the reach through Cause Marketing which is understood by lifestyle partner JETLINE Sandown, who have sponsored the artwork, design, layout, printing, roll up banners, media banners. Other companies are also getting ready to jump on board as they see the value in the message of the campaign, which is simply CHOICE. The Bokem Legacy is the official online media publication source for the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign/Documentary, with owner Luvalan Pillay who is sponsoring his time in order to assist the campaign reach greater heights. Each event donates proceeds to warriors who are in need of a helping hand.


“Dance of The Butterfly” Events , which are the only official licenced events to screen the powerful documentary, are rolling out at The Blue Marlin Hotel in Scottburgh, KwaZulu Natal 22nd Oct, King David Linksfield, Jhb on 30th Oct, 6th Nov at King David Victory Park and in Israel on 23rd November. More info to follow shortly with booking details.

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