Dynamite comes in small packages – Diolan Govender

This little guy needs no introduction. At just 14 years old, he is making airwaves across the world. Diolan Govender is an actor, presenter, dancer, ambassador, MC and I’m sure that this list will definitely get longer by the day. 

After getting the opportunity to study abroad, the 14 year old grabbed the opportunity to study drama for film at the New York Film Academy. Receiving many international awards, appearing on every kids favourite Channel Disney, yes it’s proven that dynamite does come in small packages.

His immaculate sense of style, his ability to capture his audience and his drive to succeed is just a few things that makes him extra special. It all boils down to good mentorship and the ability to believe in yourself.

The Bokem Legacy is honored to feature this amazing young lad and capture the finer details of this amazing young lad. 

Check out his interview below 🙂

1. What makes a good TV presenter?

TV Presenting is an art-form. It takes time to master the technique of it. In fact, a good TV Presenter is one that often does not just recite their learn but one that puts emotion into it. Yes, TV Presenting is not acting but you need to capture the viewers attention! Preparation is KEY in terms of TV Presenting.

2. What makes you different from other teenagers out there?

Well, not much really. We as teenagers have the ability to do great things in this world but we often don’t utilize that factor of our lives! Many business people that I have worked with often say that I am an “old-soul” which basically explains my maturity and business like mind at this young age of 14.

3. Who is Diolan Govender?

Diolan Govender is a vibrant, young and professional fourteen year old who is well on his way to the top!

4. Talk to me about your experience of studying abroad at the New York Film Academy…

Well, the New York Film Academy or better known as NYFA offers summer scholarship programs around the globe whereby you as the student study acting for film. I then did go on to graduate from this well-known institution and now this is one of my greatest achievements! I did fortunately due to this program get to spend just over a month in Los Angeles, USA where I also had in house Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Meetings.  

5. Being just 14 years old, how do you juggle school, studying, presenting and acting?

The answer to this question is pretty easy, Luvalan.

Time-Management is KEY when it comes to getting things done. We all have twenty four hours in a day but it is how we utilize these hours on a daily basis!

6. Being internationally recognized and scooping many awards, what has being your most memorable moments thus far in this journey of self discovery?

Well, to be honest. My most memorable moments will have to be with the people that I meet along the way. You learn so many things from certain individuals and you gain so much knowledge from them. In fact, their is one individual by the name of Elsubie Verlinden who is also my agent that represents me from Just You Model and Artist Management and she is one of my favorite individuals that I have met along the way. She has been my strength, my guidance and my second mother! Overall, the people along the way are my favorite part.

7. What gets you up every morning in order to complete your given tasks?

The answer to this question would have to be my passion and my drive which I have learnt from many individuals mainly that of Elsubie Verlinden, Addi Lang, Kim Myers and my beloved parents (Devika and Christy). I wake up every morning thinking that today is going to be an even better day than yesterday and that I will expand my career today. I am just so super excited to go out into the real world and achieve all my greatest dreams…

9. So there’s a new gig on the block with regards to presenting. Talk to me about this new presenting gig and what do you aim to achieve?

TV Teen Talk is a fifteen minute long YouTube Based TV Show that is said to premiere at the end of this September. We break down the latest celebrity news for our viewers and we have a little fun by bringing in South Africa’s favorite celebrities into studio with us. TV Teen Talk is going to be amazing and especially that Wazana and I are going to be hosting the show!

10. Who inspires you and why?

Lilly Singh because her “hustle” or better known as hard work is just AMAZING to watch!

11. What has being the most difficult situation you were put in so far?

The factor that I am a child… Industry professionals often go to the extent of “treating me like a child” and I have also experienced this with large media outlets which shall not be named! However, I have learned to make the best of the situation and turn it into a positive matter instead of a negative matter.

12. You’ve met many world renowned people in your life but who will you regard as the best and why?

Elsubie Verlinden, as I explained above – She is an extra-ordinary being who goes the extra mile to make my dreams a reality.

13. What are your future plans and where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself:

1) Being on an International TV Series and Hosting My Own TV Talk Show

2) Hosting Award Shows

3) Being one of the most influential beings on the face of globe

4) Having my own online family which are also referred to as my supporters and fans!

14. What advise do you have for kids your age out there?

For the kids out there in this world who are wanting to make something out of their lives from an early age. I would honestly say that it is time to get off your couch and stop dreaming – Start Living Out Your Dreams and Achieving Them. Children can be business people too and also remember that International is never going to be impossible!

15. What are your thoughts about the current protests by university students?

I will not say whether I agree or disagree with the situation at hand however I do actually believe in students fighting for their rights. 

How else will their voices be heard!

16. If you had the opportunity to change one thing about our country, what will it be?

To Change Our Mind Set.
I will not go into detail due to certain reasons however if you think carefully about the above statement you will understand what I trying to say!

17. What is your role as an ambassador and what projects have you worked on thus far?

Well, my role as a Forever Changed and ERKE Ambassador is As Follows –

1) To Spread The Word

2) To Host The “Dance of The Butterfly Event” in my hometown of Durban

3) To Manage Our Social Media Mainly Including Instagram

4) To Raise Awareness

I have been a keynote speaker at their Cape Town Event, I am the MC at their October Event and I working on much more.

To find out, check my social media.

Diolan’s Fun Facts…

1. Your favourite home cooked meal is?

A delicious home cooked, steaming hot CRAB CURRY!

2. Your hobbies are?

Hanging out with friends, Reading, Writing, Directing and Eating!

3. Who would you like to act alongside with?

Karan Brar, Lilly Singh, Jhonny Depp, Meryl Streep, Kevin Hart and Lupita Nyongo.

4. Your celebrity crush is?

Nicki Minaj!

5. One accessory you can’t leave the house without?

My Career File Which Stores Absolutely Everything That I Need To Continue my Successful Career.

As Diolan prepares to reach all his goals for the next five years, you can catch all the action of his amazing journey by following him across all social media platforms. 

Facebook Profile + Page: Diolan Govender 

Instagram: @diolstagram

YouTube: Diolan Govender

Google +: Diolan Govender

Twitter: @diogovender

Through ones life, one can only achieve if he believes in himself and never gives up.

The Bokem Legacy Team wishes Diolan Govender everything of the best with his future endeavours 🙂


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