Tickling your funny bone with Neil Govender 

Believing in yourself and never giving up is what Neil Govender strives on to succeed.  After finding his zest in the field of drama,  Neil knew he would have to do whatever it takes to make it to the top.  Apart from his freelancing gig on Lotus Fm,  he is also a businessman,  comedian and actor. 

The Bokem Legacy caught up with the man himself and we managed to steal away a few laughs.  See interview below. 

1. Define yourself using 5 words .

Funny, passionate, out-spoken, friendly and fabulous.

2. What makes you different from other actors?

My  individuality- just like how no two people are alike, no two actors are the same. 

3. Who inspires you and why?

I inspire myself, to do better, because if we look to others for inspiration, what happens if they are no longer there ? Should our inspiration be gone too

4. Talk to me about your day job at Lotus Fm.

I am a freelance radio drama/ voice actor.

5. How would you define the art of performance?

To me the definition of the art of performance is being able to feel totally alive once you begin your performance, once you do that, the art of what you are doing becomes alive as well.

6. What makes a great actor?

A great actor is an actor that never fails to entertain regardless of the role, as an actor or performer in general, your job isnt about how much money you can make or how many awards you win, but rather how you leave your audience after each and every performance, if they were entertained then you have done your job, as Marlon Brando said “the only thing an actor owes his public is not to bore them.”

7. If you weren’t into drama,  what would you have been doing and why?

 If I werent into drama I probably would have been involved in our family business, which I still am partially involved in.

8. Talk to me about your family.

I have a very small family, im the only child so its just my parents and I. I do have a cousin that I dont regard as a cousin but rather my little sister so yeah she is the closest I have to a sibling.

9. Your advise to the youth of our country…

My advise to the youth of our country is that you should never stop believing in yourself because there is absolutely nothing you cant do, there is so much of potential and greatness in you and if yourself don’t believe in yourself then you can’t expect somebody else to, go out there and learn as much as you can, never stop studying, make your dreams come true, the word impossible shouldnt  be in your dictionary.

10. Your advise to aspiring actors out there.

My advise to aspiring actors is to firstly know why you want to be a part of this industry, if you are passionate about the craft then by all means go for it, as I said before its not about the money or awards but rather the love for what you do, the passion behind it. If you feel that this is something that you really want to do then go out, get an agent and put yourself out there, never miss an audition and remember skills can be taught but talent is God given.

11. Talk to me about your role and experience in the soon to be released movie Keeping up with the Kandasamy’s.

Oh my experience in shooting for Keeping Up With The Kandasamys was something I would never forget. To date it has been one of my favourite experiences. I play the part of the fabulously flamboyant events planner Marlin. He is also the best friend of Jody Kandasamy. Marlin adds a bit of comic relief to this movie and I’m sure that he will certainly win over the hearts of many viewers. 

On the roll with Neil… 

1. Your old time favourite song?

I don’t really have a favourite song,  I listen to all types of music and depending on my mood and whats playing at the time, its my favourite for that moment.

2. One thing no one knows about you?

Now if I told you that then everybody would know isn’t it lol

3. Your favourite colour ?

I don’t have a favourite colour lol 

4. A quote you live by…

The quote I live by isn’t a quote exactly but rather a bible verse – Philippians 4v13 : I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

5. Choose one – be eaten by red ants for an hour or running on thorns for 2 hours

Be eaten by red ants for an hour. 

The Bokem Legacy Team wishes Neil all the best with his future endeavors.  


One Comment Add yours

  1. Derosha Moodley says:

    A pleasure to have worked alongside his enthusiastic and comforting demanour at the recording studio. A solid personality with a malleable performance ability. Congratulations Neil. May your performance career bring you as much joy, as you bring energy into the drama studio.

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