Keeping up with the Kandasamy’s is a must!!!

Chatsworth was on a standstill as the cast and crew of soon to be released hit movie -Keeping up with the Kandasamy ‘s took over many fimiliar locations is Chatsworth.

The movie named after an American reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, is a story between two neighbours who through time has some differences but what soon happens is that their children fall in love.  

Through twists,  turns,  tears and smiles we learn that saying sorry and mending broken walls isn’t as bad as we think. Producer Junaid Ahmed describes this movie as what South Africa needs to see.  He reckons it’s time Chatsworth got onto the map. Over 8 million Rand’s has been invested in the production of the movie, while certain wardrobe clothing costed over R6000 each. 

Director Jayan Moodley worked day in day out to ensure that the best scenes were selected. Community member Saroj Naidoo , congratulated Jayan’s efforts.  “I’ve never seen a female director before and watching one do her job right at my door step is remarkable.  The way she carries herself out is immaculate”, said the 64 year old. 

The cast includes fimilair radio personality Jailoshnie Naidoo,  comedian Koobeshen Naidoo, actress Mishqah  Parthiepal,  actor and voice over artist Madhushan Singh,  radio personality Neil  Govender, actress Mariam  Bassa,  actress and radio drama queen Maeshnie Naicker and stage actor Rajesh Gopie. 

Dance routines we’re choreographed by tv personality Kajal Bagwandeen. Also over 100’s of extras were used on set. 

The movie was shot in locations such as:

  1. Hare Krishna Temple 
  2. Bangaladesh Market 
  3. Unit 10 Muliticultural Hall
  4. Ghandi’s Park

The homes of the families were shot at Palm Road,  Unit 5.
The movie is set to be released March next year across cinemas in South Africa.  Shooting was completed in just over a month despite the floodings and Junaid praised the cast who worked both day and night to make the shooting a success. 

As the country waits in anticipation for the Kandasamy’s, you can catch a sneak peak of the behind the scenes footage of the movie tonight on Top Billing at 7:30pm,  only on SABC 3.


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