Mum of two loses her life after her car was swept away by the heavy rains

Chatsworth mum of two has been declared dead after rescue savers who battled for a few hours to find the missing body of the late mum. The deceased was found 300m away from the scene.
Residents are to be praised as they got together last night in search of the mum way before medical services could arrive on scene.

The horrific flooding in Durban has cost the life of Pricilla Pillay who’s car was found in a ditch at a park on Silverglen Drive -Chatsworth.

Rescue services were on the scene last night after heavy rains destroyed many houses and buildings.

It was claimed that Priscilla was returning from work when her car was swept off the road and soon later ended off in the river banks of the park.

Those on scene last night and this morning described it has being sad and horrific. Tributes poured in from many people across social networks on the horrific death of the mum.

Residents are again urged to take alternative routes since many roads are closed down in Durban.

Children are encouraged not to walk on roads and keep safe in their house.


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