Sit down with Kenyan Actor – Alex Khayo

Kenyan born actor -Alex Khayo quit his job as a sales agent to purse his love and passion for acting. He made it to the Top 3 of Top Actor Africa recently.

He plays controversial character in Kenya’s hit soapie series Pendo and he needs to disguise himself as a lady to hide his identity.

The Bokem Legacy caught up with him to find out his future plans and all about his part. Read his interview below.

1โ€‹. Who was Alex as a kid?

Alex was a simple kid, quite stubborn and I knew too much for my age haha.

2. What is one of your most unforgettable high school experiences?

We didnt have whatsapp back then so i actualy wrote a letter to my highschool crush(marion) and to my surprise she replied that was something else”thank u marion for changing my life”😂

3. Who or what inspired you to become an actor?

I personally hate white collar jobs…so i had to be driven by talent. I’m glad it had to be acting.

4. How do you prepare yourself for a shoot?

I pray first of all,and i keep asking random people if they can watch me as i perform for them(though its quite annoying sometimes)

5. Who was the one character you played that was the most challenging and why?

I feel playing a South African hobo was quite challenging because I’m Kenyan so i had to sit with an actual hobo just to learn his mannerism,in the series i do in Kenya(Pendo) I play a very controversial person so due to that i have to disguise myself as a lady(with all the bodybuilding i do, sigh)

6. What does acting mean to you?

Acting means a second chance to life being able to tell other peoples stories,highlight issues in a society and above all impact the society.

7. Take me through your experience of being on Top Actor Africa.

 I met really talented young actors who reminded me of what life is(when you slug behind, someone else wants your spot and is actualy working towards it)It opened my mind as an actor and i acquired an african audience that made me the viewers choice .

8. Where to from here for Alex?

Im currently doing a local soapie in Kenya(Pendo)that i’ve been doing even before Top Actor,I hope to get series or movie in S.A and i have a hollywood movie coming up soon(from the directors of three can play that game)

9. If you were given a chance to motivate aspiring actors our there, what will be your message to them?

Its challenging for sure,but its a career,and always know talent is doing what normal minds can’t do!

10. Tips on how one can prepare for an audition?

Try and know what is required of you..its advisable to have a character brief envision of how you want the character to be percieved(if that script is given to 1k different people you’ll have 1k different results so it means there is 1k ways of bringing out the character you havent exploited all.

11. Talk to me about your family.

I dont have parents. I am an orphan, i have one younger brother and God as my heavenly father”thats all”

                            Spotlight on ALEX

  • One country you would like to visit?

china hahhah… I’m 5:7 so can a man just be tall for once(in china i’d be like 6:4 to them)

  •  What makes you different from other actors?

I always make a point to stand out be it in my skills,dresscode etc

  • Your favorite food is?

Pillau(a kenyan swahili delicacy,calamari)

  • A quote you live by…

Why walk when you can fly?

  • Your celebrity crush is?

Meagan Good(Hollywood actress) and Amanda du Pont(S.African actress,presenter)



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