Young, Smart and Talented = DJ ‘Maverick’!


By: Oveshnie Pillay


Known for being a DJ (Disc Jockey) and computer geek, Hiresh ‘Maverick’ Ravjee describes himself as ambitious, innovative and helpful who has a very interesting relationship with his parents.
He has an extremely close bond with both his mum and dad.
“I get my caring and humble side from my mum who made me the man that I am today but on the flip side, i am very business orientated and have my dad’s ideas and thoughts which steers me in my day to day activities”, said Ravjee.
Hiresh was always interested and fascinated by DJ’ing from a young age but it was his first DJ controller (The Numark Mixtrack Pro1) which was purchased by the help of his dad that had sparked the drive in him to take DJ’ing further and follow his dreams.
A major influce in his life from the time he was exposed to electronic dance music was Avicci and Afrojack.
‘Maverick’ had seen both these DJ’s performing in South Africa and that was the foundation for his interest in electronic dance music. Not forgetting, his Durban favourites; Ameeth Shah, Lee Who and Sash B.
When ‘Maverick’ first started out the journey of becoming a DJ, he just went with the flow and took things as they came by but now he has set goals which he is currently working on.
The one thing that sets ‘Maverick’ apart from his competitors are the Style and Genre of music that he plays. Although he is often judged on his abilities, the motivation from his dad is what makes him want to continue what he does and grow as a DJ.
There are two things that Hiresh ‘Maverick’ Ravjee has learnt thus far; to be patient and learning to persevere. It is of which that he has found the hard way to getting gigs and getting people to take him seriously.
Even though he feels like giving up at his lowest point, there’s the accomplishments which he has achieved that keeps him going and to strive for the better, like; being a runner up in the beat science DJ competition, as well as playing a few gigs at popular nightclubs. Another is balancing his studies and maintaining the good marks with DJ activities.
From the time Hiresh ‘Maverick’ Ravjee began DJ’ing, his goal was focused on not making money but to be an inspiration to many upcoming DJ’s. “I want to push boundaries and show the youngsters of today that hard work, determination and perseverance can take you a long way in life”-‘Maverick’.
In about 5-10 years he sees himself as a resident DJ at a popular club and to play at a South African music festival alongside the South African headliners, as well as to take on a protégé.

On behalf of the Bokem Legacy Team well wishes goes out to Hiresh ‘Maverick’ Ravjee through his journey of success as a DJ.

For more details of ‘Maverick’, find him on:

Facebook : Hiresh Maverick Ravjee

Facebook page : DJ Maverick

Instagram : Maverick13295

Bookings :

Mixcloud :


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