People with disabilities, has the ability to change the World – Fathima Mayet Cheshire Homes


By Luvalan Pillay

Living with a disability doesn’t mean that life stops. Doing what makes you happy is key and this is living proof at the Fatima Mayet Cheshire Homes for persons with disabilities.

Situated in the heart of Chatsworth, this homes provides living independent facilities to over 35 adults with various degrees of disabilities. This project is in receipt of 43% funding from the government and the homes have to make up for the other 57% by fundraising.
Smiles, laughter and a warm welcome is what The Bokem Legacy Team received as we spent half the day with the residents of the homes. As you walk through the front doors, a sign reads 

NO, I don’t believe anyone who might say “You can’t do that because you are in a wheelchair” My standard reply is ‘WATCH ME’

This is the echoed sentiments that the organisation strives on.

It’s amazing to see people who barely talk, walk or are unable to do things for themselves, wanting to help you to their best of their ability.

These people are people just like us. Don’t ever look down upon them because they are willing to do more than you can ever do.

Oveshnie Pillay and I got into the lives if these people and tears is how we describe the day. We often take things for granted not knowing that the World is real out there.

Some of these residents are put into the homes because their families can’t take care of them, some don’t have families and are taken if the streets, while some have families who forgets that their loved ones exists.

Here is Thobani. His legs are supported by special equipment that aids him In walking and although he can’t talk, he is very intelligent and he loves gadgets. He can write and draw really well. See him below using a selfie stick to take out a selfie.

Learning about their stories really puts your life into perspective.
These residents go into physio everyday for an hour, where they do leg, walking and hand/arm exercises.

It’s touching to see how hard they try to do things despite their disabilities.

Some of these residents that are able to use their hands work at the homes. They run a branched factory called HangerMan, where they take old hangers and recycle them to make the brand new again.

The Cheshire Homes is in partnership with Sizwe who runs his own fresh produce at the homes. A percentage of the produce is given back to the Hines, while the rest is sold and profits are used to expand the business.

Sizwe is in need of sponsors for his green house. Contact Sizwe-  076 9513 335

As we celebrate 67 Minutes For Mandela Month, let’s embark on tasks that will help those in need. Share this Madiba Magic with the World.

You get the greatest joy when you do something without the intention of getting something in return.

The Fatima Mayet Cheshire Homes for persons with disabilities are calling for sponsors for groceries, vegetables, toiletries, cutlery and money to purchase wheelchairs.
For more information contact Matron Naidoo on 031-4018281


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