Revival Ministries “Ignite Youth” aims to keep the lives of the youth burning brighter than ever!

By Luvalan Pillay


When a church has a youth group running for 30 years, then you know that they doing everything right.
Ignite Youth is a youth group that I’ve had the privilege of spending eight years of my life with them. Part of who I am today is because of their teachings.

There isn’t anything better than being in a presence of God and listening to his word. Ignite Youth strives to be the greatest at all times.

The Bokem Legacy had the privilege of sitting down with the Head Youth Leader – Rochelle Joseph, to find out everything about this youth club.
Check out this amazing interview below.

1. Why the name “Ignite Youth”?

We chose the name Ignite because we felt that as the younger generation we have the responsibility of bringing together unity and strength amongst each other, just like a fire can ignite and keep burning. That’s our aim.

2. Take me through a typical youth meeting, what takes place?

Our aim is to motivate and keep teens of the street. So we have created a program that makes them come for more on a Friday  rather than being out there, drugging, clubbing etc. We have created tribes in which we have four leaders. We start off with praise & worship and then get games and activities and at the end leave them with something to encourage and teach them. We are very free with our discussion topics so our youth are open  talk to us about anything even their problems.

3. When did Revival Ministries begin having youth meetings and what has being the greatest challenges thus far?

Ignite youth has been in existence for over 30 years and our greatest challenge is getting them to stay focused on Jesus and to keep to this path, live clean lives and we are grooming them into future leaders

4. What is the aim of the youth club for the next 5 years?

Our aim as mentioned, we want to grow strong leaders and expand our department and win the youth to do the right things and stay positive but this is not only to stay within the walls of Ignite, we want to unite and network with other youth groups across Durban. We have a talented group of young people and one part of our aim is to attract young people by using our God given gifts and talents.

5. What has been the greatest accomplishments of the youth club thus far?

We have a few accomplishments of which we thank God for. We’ve seen kids be transformed and changed from Drug abuse, pornography, broken homes, poverty, suicide  other addictions etc..Was it easy you would ask? Heck No(laughing) there were times when we wanted to choke the stuff out of them to make them listen (laughs). So when dealing with them you have to be prepared to be patient. We count it all joy as some of these kids are now in our Action committee ready to be leaders maybe in a few months and help others step into their full potential

6. Is there a philosophy or scripture/s that the youth bases it’s teachings on. If so what is it?

Our Youth teachings are based on the word of God. The bible is big (laughs) so that Is our  Philosophy! Obedience, sacrifice, mannerism, even intense topics like sex, and about personal issues of any type is taught and counselled at our meetings but 1 of the scriptures we strongly stand by is 

Psalm 119:9-10: How can a young person maintain a pure life? By guarding it according to your instructions! With all my heart I seek you. Do not allow me to stray from your commands! 

7. What community upliftment projects has the youth been involved in over the years?

Just to name a few, We host a kids Christmas party every year in the rural communities, we support the chain of hope settlement programmes as well the winter blanket drive and we recently launched anti-bullying campaign which is current and you will hear more of it soon, it’s to bring awareness on how serious bullying is and as youth we need to stop it instead of being apart of it. 

8.  Talk to me about the youth awards day functions…

We host about 2 award events per year which will be our Winter and Summer Awards. We give awards for the following categories . Most spontaneous, Most outspoken, Most Improved, Crusader (the person who brings in most youth)

Inspirational award, Well I’m sure Luvalan, you remember this award as it was presented to you along with others. 

We also have the youth of the year award. At this award ceremony our youth get to perform and do different acts, showcasing their talents and gifts which is normally a big deal and not forgetting hearing the amazing testimonies from the youth themselves which is so powerful and real. 

9. What do you’ll do as the leaders of the youth in order to uplift them and provide them with necessary support?

We have a very dedicated team that offer counselling and support to youth. We have to step into their shoes very often in order to know how to deal with each person. Our team is really the best, they show dedication, passion, love and support which is a must in order for the youth to learn directly from their leaders. 

Our team is a very fun playful group as we need to know how to have fun in order to do the same with our youth but we have a balance that when we serious, we mean business.

10. If you had the chance to change one thing in South Africa in terms of your religion, what will it be and why?

There is nothing we can change when it comes to the Bible and its principles. What needs to change is the mindsets of people who choose not to follow its instruction . Being Christian means having a relationship with God and I think many dont understand how important that is, you have to have that in order to run your life, marriage, home, kids accordingly. There is no fear of that anymore, that is why kids can control their parents Instead of it being the other way around and much more which is too much to get into right now. South Africa needs Jesus. Thats it!

11. Your advice to the youth of South Africa…

Well we are very rooted in Faith and we are not ashamed of the gospel, neither will we compromise. So our advice to young people will be is to develop that same attitude and be positive and stay focused to your goals. Keep your eyes on Jesus. If you fall short or fail or feel that you can’t go on or maybe you think  you messed up too much,  Remember that Jesus loves you despite your failures and his grace is sufficient for you its never too late to start again and fulfill your dream and collide with your God given purpose.  

Rochelle leaves you with a very important scripture below which is a scripture that I’ve held very closely to my heart.

Jeremiah 29:11: For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the LORD. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope

Remember you can do everything through God, stay focused and just keep praying 🙂

To keep in touch with this incredible youth group, like their Facebook page:
Ignite Youth

Also join them for the Dance Battle & Sing Off, where you can win a cash prize of R5000



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