Lerato Aims High With Her NPO “Growing Leadership Network”


For a few years of her childhood Lerato couldn’t speak or even hear properly, her parents thought less of her imagining their daughter to be a slow learner always! As she grew up it was evident that this young lass is going to be someone special…

Now she runs her own NPO and she believes that this is just the beginning to greater things ahead.

The Bokem Legacy caught up with her and her organisation and this is what went down:

1. What is Growing Leader Network(GLN) about?

GLN is all about leadership, it aims at empowering and supporting
aspiring leaders namely the Representative Council of Learners  (RCLs)
in public schools both primary and secondary in Kwatsaduza . GLN
believes that the future of a country is in the hands of its’ youth
and the success of a country is in the hands of its’ leaders.

2. When did the organisation begin and how did the idea arise?

The organisation began on the 15th of May this year. I have always
dreamed of starting my own Non-profit Organisation and it took me long
because I wanted to start something different from all the other
organisations in my area. It came to my attention that RCLs opted to
be RCLs because of the passion to change their schools and the drive
to lead. However, they lack support system thus I saw it best to start
an organisation to support them.

3. What are your future aims for the organisation?

In the long term, the organisation’s biggest aim is to become an
umbrella of all the other youth organisations in Kwatsaduza. It also
aims at having branches in other towns such as Soweto, Daveyton and

4. What projects has the organisation being involved in since the inception?

Since the organisation has just started, we have not done any
project.But I as the founder I went back to my secondary school to
motivate grade 11s and 12s. I have helped out in an orphanage and old
age homes.

5. Where do you see your organisation 5-years from now?

Wow! In five years from now, I see GLN going Nationwide, scooping
awards and having successful leaders who grew under GLN coming back to

6. How would you describe yourself?

I am a philanthropist, nothing brings joy to me like knowing that I have helped someone. A strategist and self motivated.

7.  As the youth of South Africa, what do you think is the major downfall of our youth and why?

Social Networks ! They take up about 60% of the youth’s time, the
time that one could use to do something more productive.

8. Your message to the youth of South Africa?

You owe it to yourself to be successful, your parents have played
their roles and they have lived their lives. .now live yours. Do not
depend on them, build your own empire. Actually, do not depend on
anyone! !

9. Any upcoming plans/events that we should know off?

Our very first took place this year on youth day, it was life changing and I feel as if this organisation will soon be on top of it’s game…GLN is now building the leaders of this generation.Then
our official launch is in November.

As Nelson Mandela said

The youth is our future leaders

We should begin investing in our children as they are going just like Lerato to become a leader of our country.

Remember to never lose hope on your dreams. Stay focused, stay positive and never give up.


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