A passion to sing has lead Deveshni Naidoo to a road of many opportunities!

By Luvalan Pillay


With the new South African laws stipulating majority local content across all SABC tv channels and radio stations, this gives local artist the chance they’ve being waiting for for a very long time.

Deveshni Naidoo is sparked with amplified vocals that had won her many  goal medals at the Eisteddfod’s across 4 categories. She believes that there is scope for local Indian classical music in our country.

The Bokem Legacy caught up with her and we spoke all things life, love, family and a special celebrity crush. Check out her interview below….

1. At what age did your love and passion begin for singing and how did you find out about this talent?

My mom is an amazing singer. She used to take me to services on a Monday and Friday. One Friday when she was washing the lamp I took a service book and just started singing. I was  5 at the time. My grandfather was a carnatic music teacher and he nurtured my talent.

2. What music do you specialise in?

Carnatic or classical

3. What makes to different from other classical singers?

I love to just sit at the temple and praise the deities.

4. What is the Eisteddfod about and when did you begin entering it?

The Eisteddfod is a cultural competition where candidates compete in language song and dance. I started at the age of 7.

5. Talk to me about all your achievements with regards to singing.

I have won many gold medals for singing in the categories Arutpa,Thevaram, Devotional and film songs. I was chosen to sing at the International Saiva Council. Singers and teachers of the tamil language from all over the world attend this event.

6. You have a qualification in journalism, what do you like most about this field?

It’s exciting and adventurous. It’s a job that helps me speak out for people who can’t. 

7. Talk to me about  your family.

We are all musically talented. Mom and dad sing, my twin brother and eldest brother play the miridingum and my second eldest brother plays the harmonium. We use to sing at ceremonies, house services and funerals.

8. 5 words that best describes yourself.

Honest, fun, energetic, loyal and religious.

9. As a youth of South Africa, what will be the one thing that you will change about our country?

I wish that everyone would respect each others religions and beliefs. We must remember we are human beings first.

10. Do you think that with the new 90% local music content played across all radio stations in SA, that now there will a place for local classical Indian music? Why?

Yes definitely. I think the youth has become more interested in Indian classical music.

Bringing the beat to Fun Facts

1. Favourite current song?

Hanuman Chalisa

2. Who is your inspiration?

My late grandfather Mr Francis Chetty

3. Celebrity crush?

David Villa

4. Sky diving or deep sea diving?

Sea diving

5. A quote that you live by…

Respect every human being no matter who they are.

The Bokem Legacy wishes you all the success in your career as a classical singer.

Remember follow your dreams no matter how difficult the road could be.
Never lose focus, include God in all you do and be the best in all that you do.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. currychick says:

    Hi is there perhaps a link so I could listen to this young ladies music?

    1. Luvalan says:

      Hi, unfortunately we don’t have any. She also doesn’t record any of her music.

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