17 year old DJ/Producer- young at age but well experienced enough at what he does, it’s Jashen G!

By: Oveshnie Pillay


Whether you work as a DJ/Producer on a part-time basis or as a full time gig, it somehow becomes apart of your life and daily happenings. With no fixed location, the job is nomadic by nature.

The bokem legacy had been given the chance to interview this young man!- Read below as he takes us through the journey of his success.

1) Who is Jashen G?

Jashen Govindsamy, male 17 frm Pakistan en I vant 4rndship wud u.
Haha Nahhhhhhh.
Hey guys I’m Jashen Govindsamy, But You Can Call Me “Jashen G”.
I Am An Aspiring 17 Year Old Progressive, Big Room House & Mebourne Bounce DJ/Producer All The Way From The Streets Of Unit 7, Chatsworth, Durban (Best Place For A Lukka Sheep Head Curry).

This Interview Gives Me The Opportunity To Finally Make A Broader And More Official Announcement That I Have Started A DJ Duo Called “Bass Wolves” With A Good Friend Of Mine. So There Will Be A Very Limited Amount Of “Jashen G” Releases From Now.

2) How did you get started on the whole producing and DJ’ing gig?

I Once Picked Up A Dixon Controller, I Think It Was When I Was In Grade 9 And Decided To Make Mixtapes And Distribute To My Friends All Over. I Will Be Honest, I Stunk At First Lol. I Had No Clue What I Was Doing At First, And That Gave A Lot Of Bigger DJ’s To Criticize On And Make Fun Of, Which They Did. When I Got Through My First Year Of Grade 10, I Got Myself A More Professional Controller, Software And Image. This Is Where Things Got Interesting, I Made The Top 10 For The Durban Shakedown DJ Competition (I Did Not Win).
When I Reached Grade 11 In 2015, I Bought My First DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) Which Was Fruity Loops 11 Producer Edition. The Guy Who Really Moulded Me And Taught Me Some Producer Basics Was My Good Friend Katon Black, Just Want To Say Thank You For Everything Mate!
A Year Later (2016) I Got My First International Record Label Contract (I Can’t Say Which Label, Cause Bantering Does Not Always Work In My Favour Lol)

3) Who has been your biggest inspiration? Why?

Two Guys Have Been My Biggest Inspiration In My Career (Well Actually 3) BLASTERJAXX & KSHMR!!!!

These Guys Are The Reason Why I Love Making Music And Continue To Find New Styles Of Sounds (Not Copy Them Like You Know Who Lol). 

I Love KSHMR’s Harmony And Tranquility In His Synths And Melodies, Not To Mention The Indian Vocals In His Tracks *in love emo* 

Aaaaaaand I Love The Heavy Bass Melodies And Enchanting Sounds Of Blasterjaxx’s Tracks, They Are My Idols (Hence My Nickname Blasterjash).

4) How has the process of making music changed for you, more especially with you being a scholar?

It Has Changed A Lot Hey, Giving That This Is My Matric Year And Stuff, So I Have To Put A LOT Of Unreleased Items On Hold Until Next Year. It’s Also Hard To Finish Up Stuff, And Trying To Finish Assignments. Though I Give My Academics My All, Cause I Need A Back Up To Fall On Obviously, Which Is My Career As A Cyber Guy.

5) What styles of music production do you focus on and why?

This Is A Tough One Huh’ Haha. Uhmmmm, I Would Say Progressive House, Big Room House And A Hella Load Of Melbourne Bounce! I’ve Been Making These For A While Now, But I Do Think It Is Good To Variate With My Genres At Times (Like Making A Chutney Version Of Chunda Munki, Munda Munki Haha).

6) Do you mostly make music just for yourself or do you make it for others?

I Don’t Really Know Huh, I Guess I Just Make Music According To The Mood I Am In, Also I Love To Base Some Of My Tracks On My Fav Movies. Though If I Get A Request To Make A Track For Someone Else’s Taste, I Would.

7) What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m Currently Working On “Shakespeare” Which Literally Took Me Almost 3 Years To Complete And Berry And Myself Are Almost Done With “Thorioum” Which Is Certain To Be A Thurra’Bread Bangerrrrr! There’s A Few Others That Are Still In My Workshop, Which Will Be Up On Our Official Web This Year!

8) Regarding recording at home, is there any advice you could give to other DJ’s/Producers out there?

Focus On What You Do, And Never Give Up, Even When Someone Says “Nah, You’re Just A Lity, You Will Never Make It”.

9) Do you see being a DJ/Producer as a career, or as a hobby?

I See It As A Part Time Hobby, I Am Focusing More On The I.T Side Now, Though I Will Keep Producing Till I Reach Menopause Lol. This Is My Life, And I Love Life!

10) What’s the one tip you would give to other aspiring independent artists like yourself?

 “Don’t Rush And Create 100 Golfs, Rather Spend The Right Amount Of Time And Create A Lamborghini” #ProducersQuote

Never Rush Just To Please A Crowd (Trust Me, I Know).
Just Keep Doing What You Do And Don’t Let Nobody Bring You Down.


1) Shave all of the hair on your head or Deactivation of Facebook for 3 months?

Haha This Has Being Trending For A While Lol. Uhmmmmmm, I’d Rather Deactivate My Facebook Than Lose My Beautiful Hair. Oh Yeah, I’m In Love With My Hair Bruhhhhhh.

2) Who is your biggest fan?

My Mom, Giving That She Is Always The First To Hear What “Noise Music” As She Calls It, That I Play Haha.

3) The best/favourite song that you have produced?

“Sidney” (Based On My Fav Scary Movie, Scream) Reason Why This Is My Fav Is Because EVERYTHING From Scratch Here Was Made By Me (Even The Different Vocal Tones). So Yeah, I Will Release It As A FREE Download This Year (We Know How You Charous Smaak Free Chow Haha).

4) Your favourite ice-cream flavour…

Red Velvet  (Not The Lounge Lol, I Wish)

5) Your greatest weakness?

If I See A House Lizard, I Scream And I Fear The Day I Would Need To Shine My Bald Head.

Catch Jashen G on:
Facebook: Jashen Joel
                 Jashen G DJ-Producer II

Facebook page: Jashen G

Instagram: @jashengmusic

Soundcloud:  http://www.facebook.com/DJJashenG?refid=12&ref=notif_textonly

OR watch his video on #TheBokemLegacy Facebook page.


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