The Croftdene Saivite Youth Movement- is “GAME” on making a “CHANGE”!.

By: Oveshnie Pillay


The spark behind every great discovery that has taken place on this planet has been the spirit of injury, when this injury is directed outwards– “What is this? How does it happen?”. IT IS PRAYER and when it is directed inwards– “Who am I? What am I here for? What do I really want?”, IT IS SPIRITUALITY.

The Croftdene Savite Youth Movement A.K.A “GAME CHANGERS” in KwaZulu-Natal has youth ranging from the ages of 14 years and older, has always thrown their weight behind worshipping LORD SIVA.
The change of heart in the younger youth of worshipping LORD SIVA and uplifting the spiritual and physical needs of their community has not only impressed Croftdene but KZN, South Africa as well. The Croftdene Savite Youth Movement is known to be one of the largest Savite youth groups in KZN, South Africa. They follow a philosophy called ‘Saiva Siddhantham’, which is  a rational, logical, scientific and practical philosophy which is followed to worship LORD SIVA.
Saiva Siddhantham is a simple practice based on GOD, SOUL and BONDAGE, therefore many ‘youth’ are attracted to it and wanting to learn more.
“Saivism” is known to be the oldest faith in the world and entails worshipping only LORD SIVA as the supreme godhead.
This Youth Group is different in many ways which makes them unique. Their music– has a different feel, the way it sounds to keep up with the times of the world. Also, what makes them unique is the use of different musical instruments as well as their outfits that are worn to the temple.
Although the ‘youth’ are involved in various tasks such as : running the temple, having a leadership committee to keeping registers, financial planning, actively keeping the youth updated on upcoming activities, they are also involved in drawing up the newsletters, sideshows, planning of their most promising events like:
1) Maha Sivarathree
2) Saiva Saints Guru Poosai’s
3) Swami Siva Nandhi Adikalaar’s memorial lecture.
4) Karthigay Deepam

Community programmes include:
1) Drug awareness campaign.
2) Winter warmth- “warming hearts”.
3) Child welfare- “Abused woman”
4) Aid for Chennai flood.

The youth has not only changed with an increase of youth members, the have also brought in more and well advanced musical instruments to the temple. The temple is fully air-conditioned and now projects the lyrics of the hymns on two larger electronic screens so that people who don’t have their books can still sing. From having services being held at schools, the temple had been built within a year which was their biggest accomplishment. The youth are currently on a task of building their youth centre which will be in full operation as of September 2016.
Over the past 5 years the youth has also received loads of recognition, not only in KZN, South Africa but in other provinces and countries as well.
“The most satisfying part about being apart of the temple/youth is the LOVE amongst people. When you enter the temple, the environment is absolutely welcoming and you find that this is like your home and family. Apart from attaining LORD SIVA’S blessings, you learn the lessons of life that prepares us for the world out there. You learn to discipline and carry yourself our to the best of your ability”, said a youth member.
The greatest weakness of the Croftdene Savite Youth Movement is the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing dynamic and complex society with speed and haste. However, they pride themselves on their innovative solutions.
The youth strongly believe that the one thing that they  would change in terms of Saivism would be to educate by getting the word out there to more youth. Not many youth are aware of Saivism. The proporgation of this ancient religion is to spread the word of Saivism and Saiva worship so that many others would understand this beautiful living religion. Living, as it uses the language of tamil which is still spoken today, therefore it continues to survive. It’s a faith on its own and not an appendage of Hinduism as stated by ‘Swami Siva Nandhi Adikalaar’ (Founder of the world saiva council) at the parliament of religion in Cape Town in 1999.

JOIN the Croftdene Saivite Youth Movement every Sunday from 8am-9am for the hour of power!, At the Croftdene Saivite temple (Road 503, No.23)

Like their official Facebook page : “GAME CHANGERS”

Anbe Sivam-Sivame Anbu
Love is God-God is Love!


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Great site. Congratulations on the good work being done by your group. The Outreach programmes are praiseworthy

    Dr Raj Govender
    Director: Arts and Culture
    KZN Department of Arts and Culture

    1. Luvalan says:

      Good morning, Thank you for your kind words. God bless!

  2. Jody says:

    Vanakum to the Croftdene Saivite Youth Movement. We would like to congratulate you guys on a fantastic programme at the Temple. This should a good starting point for other organisations to emulate and follow. Keep the spirit of Saivism flying high. The timing of this profile is excellent as we celebrate Youth Day tomorrow. Once again well done.!!!

    1. Luvalan says:

      Thank you Jody. We will definitely pass this message to the croftdene Saivite Youth Movement.
      Stay blessed.

  3. Vanakum to our Team. Well done on this presentation. My friends were really impressed with the different types of activities that goes on at the Temple. All the best for Youth Day 2016.

  4. peter says:

    Knowledge is power well done on your spirit to keep us all uplifted. Siva siva

  5. Saigie Govender says:

    Om Sai Ram I have always been a fan of the Croftdene Saivite Youth Movement, being very close with my brother Indrian who gives his life to this movement I keep in touch with the Sterling work u Youth do. YOUTH are our Future we need to support them & guide them as seniors. Please keep up the Excellent Work. Jay Sai Ram.

    1. Luvalan says:

      Sai Ram! Thank you and God bless.

    2. Luvalan says:

      Thank you Saigie🙏

  6. sampillay says:

    Vannakum good people! A truly brilliant formula! Big on spiritually. …”do the right thing”. Adapting to current trends. …playing western instruments, tackling current social ills which have great negative impact on the community especially the youth, like substance abuse, is really commendable. I wish your organisation can be replicated everywhere…The solution to humanity woes!! Everything of the very best.

    1. Luvalan says:

      Thanks so much, we will definitely pass the message to the Croftdene Saivite Youth Movement. Stay Blessed🙏

  7. currychick says:

    An excellent write up showcasing this movement. One of he best things we can do to uphold and maintain our Indian culture is to get the youth active and involved.

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