Bullying Is No Way Out – Lashveen IT DUDE Mahabal


Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behaviour is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

Today many youth are faced with bullying on a daily basis and most usually don’t speak out about it, however Lashveen Mahabal wants a change in this as he shares his story with The Bokem Legacy.

Faced with bullying from when he just began secondary schooling, 19 year old Lashveen Mahabal “The IT Dude” says that bullying has made him the young man he is today. Everything good that is…

Today he is in the field Information Technology and at such a young age, he is just a few steps away from owning is own company – Vortex

Check his interview below

1. When did your passion for Information Technology begin?

It all began when I was in grade 3, one of my subjects was computers and I loved everything about it. I’ve become a master in it today so much so that I can strip a computer and put it back together again.

2. If you weren’t into the world of IT, What career path would you have chosen? Why?

Before IT came into the picture, I always wanted to become an astronaut but i was discouraged from it and if I had another choice, I would have definitely followed my dad’s career which is Armature Winding.

3. How would you describe yourself using 5 words?


4. What areas are you specializing in IT and what is your most favourite?

I’m specializing in web development and graphic design. My most favourite has got to be security and artificial intelligence.

5. Talk to me about your business venture.

VORTEX is a web development and graphic design owned business. The name actually came about from my extreme fascination with astronauts, space, time and vortex.

6. What are your hobbies?

Graphic design
Coin Collection
Extreme sports

7. As a member of the youth of South Africa, what are your options about our youth?

Personally I don’t like most of the youth of today. They are too reliant on their parents and social media. They glued up on the net, starting sexual intercourse at an early age, the culture and music sucks. There are just a hand full of youth that are smart and spend time developing the future!

8. How did bullying affect your life negatively?

Well there were certain days that I was absolutely scared to attend school & towards grade 10 and 11 my grades had dropped.

9. How has bullying changed the way you view life today?

As I grew up I could see how corrupt the world really is. I was not going to make it if I was in shadows of others. I started karate & I learned how to defend myself. I choose to learn more so that I can be faster and more efficient than the people around me. My ultimate goal is to help others that have been going through the same as me.
With the help of The Bokem Legacy, I believe that this is possible.

10. If you had the chance to change one thing about our country, what will it be and why?

EDUCATION!!! I will definitely help those in need. I will help students attain a qualification. Provide skills development. I will simply change the youth of today. Help them grow and expand. Make them aware of the harsh realities of the world.

11. What are your long and short term goals?

There are two NPOs that I am helping so I’d want to continue with this and build their websites. I want to complete my current year of studies. My long term goals include getting my degree and majoring in security and artificial intelligence & by 2021 I want to have my Mustang (Chuckles)

12. Your advice to the youth of our country?

work hard and keep moving forward! Never let not having a qualification stop you from your DREAMS.



1. Old time favourite Bollywood movie?

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

2. Who are your role model’s?

My Dad
Mark Zuckerberg
Lawrence Jugmohan

3. Your favourite car?

Mustang GT

4. Singing or Dancing


Would you prefer being eaten by ants for an hour or walking on fire for and hour?

Definitely walking on fire

You’ve heard it from the man himself. You can do it, never let the world discourage you. You were born to stand out.
Keeping in the essence of #NoBulllying… remember you have to speak out. It’s the right thing to do. DO IT TODAY AND HELP US BEAT BULLYING!


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