Tyron Community Development Centre Strives To Be SA’s Number One Community Centre

By Luvalan Pillay


Tyron Edwin is sure that his Community Development Projects is his calling from Jesus. He reckons that he wants to better the lives and living conditions of the people in his Community as well as his country as a whole.

The 20 year old lad is on a path of no turning back. Describing himself as loving, caring and always giving he went on to say that I always give, I’m a very soft hearted person. When someone is in need I’m ALWAYS there. To add to that Tyron is also a very forgiving person.

If Jesus could forgive, so can I!

The aim of his organisation is to change the world. We want to make a difference, change bad into good. In doing so plans and preparations are in place to get sponsors and approvals from the necessary department’s, to start building a community centre in the heart of Chatsworth.
The community centre will include entertainment, a computer room to equip and help members of the community, basically a safe place where people can come over to learn, develop and move away from the norms of the world which includes drugs , alcohol and prostitution.

The organisation began in late 2014 and it is now registered with the Department of Social Development.

The idea of him opening up this organisation was when he was at church and he heard a message from his pastor. Since then it’s being all work &  no play for Tyron.
My role models are Jolene and Llewellyn Joseph. J- Jo has inspired me through her music. She is my motivation. On the other hand Pastor Llewellyn has touched my life through his preaching of God’s word. He set in motion to where I am today in terms of the organisation.

His mom and his sister had being his pillar of strength and he reckons that they are always there to help and encourage him. They assist with everything dealing with the organisation and never leaves him alone. There is a local teen who I regard as my brother – Prince , he has shown me the path he lives and the harsh realities of living in poverty.

The organisation was involved in many projects since 2014 here is just a few.

– Feed Scheme in the Bayview area.
– 2014 Christmas Party For Over 50 kids
– Grocery Hampers For The Needy
– Donated Stationery Hampers For Lotus Primary.
– Fun Day For Kids ( 26 December 2015)
– Freedom Day Treat For The Kids
– Heritage Day Fun Day
– New Years Day Braai For The Kids

That’s just a few to mention.  Recently the organisation teamed up with Tarsus Full Gospel Church
where they fed over 500 people in the Bayview area.

The organisations long term goals are to have a fully operational community centre in return creating job employment.

We want to change the living condition of the people and more especially the kids of our beautiful South Africa.

Tryon’s highlight has got to be the 2015 Christmas Party. He claims that it was a nightmare to prepare cause he did everything on his own from funds to decor and even MCing the function. He however states that it was the most rewarding cause over 120 kids attended and the smiles on their faces made his day.

A lot is in store for the organisation as he wants it to be the best organisation in Chatsworth as well as South Africa as a whole. He thanks God and all those who has helped him along the way. 

He is making a humble appeal to those who would like to sponsor him in cash or kind.

To be a sponsor/donor, call Tyron on : 0840992233 , 0314038481 or alternatively you can email him on : TCD@cellc.BlackBerry.com.

Make sure to like his fb page – Tyron Community Development Facebook page


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