Behind the microphones with Antonette J Kistan!

By: Oveshnie Pillay


Antonette identifies the central vision that unifies the thought of any singer. She sees herself as a shy person who is extremely talented at what she does.
The bokem legacy had been given the opportunity to interview her and this is the information that we received :

1) Tell me about yourself…

I’m a very shy reserved person, who’s always there if anyones in need…can be lil out going but is extremely an introvert.

2) We all know you as the Winner of “Chatsworth’s Got Talent”, what made you enter? Did you see yourself being one of the winners?

Actually truth be told I didn’t enter.My mom and dad entered me into the competition behind my back. I didn’t have a clue that I was gonna be the winner, neither did I expect to win. Seeing as though there were other amazing singers there aswell.

3) When was it first that you discovered you could sing or was it the opposite reaction?

Actually I sang a song at church for mothers day when I was a kid,and there was a good response afterwards so I kinda liked it from then lol.

4) Did you realise that you could sing based purely on instinctual or was it inspirational?

I actually heard a song on the radio(because of you by Kelly Clarkson) . Her voice made me fall in love with singing and music itself.

5) Throughout all of your performances most especially during Chatsworth’s got Talent.. any crazy stories?

Well there two crazy stories. One-as I was backstage about to go out for my turn of the audition, Rajiv’s mother told me that I shouldn’t be nervous(i was about to throw up out of nervousness),for what if I win the whole competition, my response to that was a chuckle And another crazy story was, I was waiting in line for registration and in front of me was a beautiful very down to earth your girl waiting in line for last minute registration, and we started to talk, and laugh,and I had no clue at that moment she was gonna be the winner in the dance category, and I’m pretty sure she had no clue I would be the winner in the singers category. After all, even I had no clue. We still keep in contact she’s amazing.

6) Thus far in your career in singing, what’s been one of your greatest highlights?

Entering the biggest competition in SA, SA’s got talent!

7) What did you believe about yourself that helped you become successful and deal with hard time…

Well basically it was God, Friends and family that kept me sane through it all,becuse we face hardships in our daily lives.Just being humble, respecting whoever we meet in life and staying strong bending but not breaking. “Notice that stiffest tree is most easilu cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind”_Bruce Lee. One of my favorite sayings!

8) What does music mean to you?
Do you think that the music industry in SA is growing. If so, why?

“music expresses feelings and thought, without language it was below and before speech,and it is above and beyond  words” -Robert G.ingersoll…

9) What’s next for you? What can we expect from Antonette?

I’m not gonna be over confident and predict my future, I’m not God but God holds my future so I’m confident in Him. If everything works out to the plans of God, you can expect to see me at the live auditions of SA’s got talent.

10) Any message to aspiring singers out there?

Yes, put God first in everything you do,don’t be afraid to showcase your talent no matter how small it is,just believe God can carry you through,and remember with God and hard work all things are possible.

1) How would you rate your memory?

2) Ask any animal, any Question?
giraffe?! Why so tall?😅

3) Your favourite downtime activity?
hip hop dancing / skating / at the library being a book worm reading.

4) Social media or Family time?
Social media is awesome …but family time is priceless..

5) Fashion-wise, are you into any particular brand?
I love the grunge look/also I’m very simple to extreme tomboy..😜

I have no doubt that the whole of South Africa would be cheering on Antonette when she makes it through SA’s got talent and be behind her in all of her successes.

Catch Antonette on Facebook :
Antonette J Kistan
And The Bokem Legacy page to watch her video!


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