Ever felt that CANCER was the end towards your life or loved ones?Unfortunately NOT to Tashnika Rambali!

By Luvalan Pillay


UPDATE!!! Tashnika Rambali has found her 100% match and is soon required to go in for her bone marrow transplant. Tashnika and her family are urging anyone to please help by donating money as the procedure is going to cost a lot. Help save Tashnika’s life by making a donation today. 

Donations to be made into the following account:

Bank:  ABSA

Account holder : Tashnika Rambali

Account No: 9321998896(savings account)

Branch: ABSA Galleria

Branch code: 632005

Should residents require confirmation of donation or a letter of acknowledgement, forward proof of payment to rambaliverushka@gmail.com 

Check out the interview she has done with us below.

I’ve never come across a young lady who despite her challenges in life that

will stand up and say I am ready to tackle this heads on….

I am ready to beat Cancer says the bubbly 20 year old who has being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia!
It’s all set, doctors have confirmed that she is ready for her bone marrow transplant and testing is under way to find the best possible match.

The Bokem Legacy caught up with her just in time. Check out her interview below.

1. Who is Tashnika?
Tashnika is an ordinary girl who lives life freely. She is bubbly and generally an easy person to approach. I am free spirited and I’m just like any ordinary teen.

2. Take me back to before you were diagnosed with cancer. What were your hobbies and what did you aspire to become?

DANCING WAS MY LIFE!  I am a modern Indian dancer and I’ve being Dancing since the age of 5. I always aspired to become a radiographer but due to my illness I was advised not to, therefore I got into the field of Biotechnology. I’ve managed to complete a year of my studies and this was done in between my treatments.

3. Name me one unforgettable memory of when you were in school that always makes you smile.

Valentine’s Day as to be it reason being every year my friends and I used to buy each other gifts and roses. My matric Valentine’s Day was the best, I had loads of fun and lm sure my friends will agree too (chuckles)

4. Talk to me about your family

We are a very close nit family. We’ve become even closer after my diagnosis, we understand each other better, we share our problems with each other.
The entire families support is immense so much so that when I first removed my hair, so did my family… I love them unconditionally!

5. Take me back to the very first day you were diagnosed with cancer, how did you feel?

I was completely stunned, shocked. I didn’t even know how to react.
It was quiet a story though, in my matric year I had hurt myself and the place where I had gotten hurt didn’t heal.
I used to get alot of bruising on my body, tiny red dots should appear on my body as well but I ignored this.
Even when I got hurt I didn’t think much of it. Only a week later my mum decided that when she was visiting the doctor that she would take me along. I went through some tests and almost everything was irregular.

Then after further testing, it was confirmed that I had cancer. I thereafter told myself that no matter the situation I am going to fight through it.

So many people have  beaten it and SO WILL I!!!

6. What is the most difficult part of living with this disease?

The part were I don’t get to live a normal life anymore. Everything is taken into consideration so that I don’t get sick. I must be very careful so that I don’t hurt myself.

I’ve always being the outgoing person and now I practically live my life in isolation. I’m not the bubbly person I used to be before.

7. Who is your role model and why?

MY MUM – she has always being the strongest person I’ve ever known. I look up to her. She’s always being my pillar of strength not only to me but to my entire family.
She always reminds me to keep my head up and keep moving.

I aspire to Be like her or even better than her one day.

8. What has your treatment being like?

So far I’ve had two sets of treatment done. When I was first diagnosed the treatment lasted a year. I went in for many sessions.
I’ve had 11 sessions of chemotherapy one of which was induction radiation and the other was consolodation.
I went into remission after the first session. Thereafter every thing was looking good and I was put into maintenance for a year and that’s when I managed to complete my first year of Biotechnology.
At the end of last year there were abnormalities in my blood and that’s when I went in for a bone marrow biopsy and I began to relapse.

9. For those who have cancer, what are your words of encouragement for them?

Keep strong, keep focused on your goals.
Always ask for help when needed. Remember you are NEVER a burden those around you.



What’s your favourite colour?

Who is your celebrity crush?
Zayne Malik

If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?

(Laughs) since I’m not a person who would hide stuff, I probably parade around with it everywhere and give free rides!

A quote you live by…

Keep moving forward. Always wear a smile on your face ๐Ÿ™‚

Your favourite home cooked meal is?

Absolutely anything thing that’s cooked from home. I also to enjoy having a braai.

For some life might be an easy road and for others the struggle is real. Tashnika’s aim to educate the world through her disease and she is on the right track thus far.

Remember become a blood and bone marrow donor. Most importantly get yourself checked TODAY!

To check on Tashnika’s progress as she prepares herself for her transplant, like their Facebook page by searching for :  Tashnika Rambalis Blood & Bone Marrow Drives

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #TashnikaBeatsCancer and offer her your words of encouragement.


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  1. currychick says:

    I have been following Tashnika’s story on Facebook. A truly remarkable young lady and hats off to her mum as well. Lovely interview thx for sharing.

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