An absolute end to Child Abuse!



How often do we as parents know when our child is safe or not?
Are we open to our kids, do we speak to them about safety and about what’s right and what’s wrong or are we just captured into the materialistic world that we forget we even have children to take care off?

As child protection week kicked off this week, parents need to begin to take an active role in their childs life and their safety.

Teach children how to cross the road…”Look” Left, Look Right then Look Left again and if only the road is clear may you cross.

With the increase rate of human trafficking and kidnapping in South Africa, warn children of strangers. Make it clear that STRANGERS ARE DANGER.
They should never take sweets or jump into a car of a stranger, let alone talk to someone they don’t know.

Teach the powerful word – NO!, emphasise why its important not to communicate with anyone they don’t know.

Abuse plays a major factor in the development of a child. It makes them feel inferior, it allows them to doubt themselves and in return in brings down their self-esteem and the way the perceive themselves in the world out there.

Never take it for granted. Teach a child that no one is allowed to touch them in parts of their body where they will feel uncomfortable. No one is allowed to beat them up that leaves marks in their bodies or use harsh words on them that will affect them emotionally.

Use the power in your voice to alert children of their surroundings, make them aware of the dangers of the world and how they should protect themselves in your absence.

Who should a child report abuse to?
1. Their teacher at school.
2. Their parents
3. Someone they trust and comfortable speaking too.

Don’t take your children for granted, listen when they speak. Make time to sit them down to openly talk to them about life etc.

In the essence of child protection week its vital that we also bring in the concept of childrens rights and responsibilities.

What are the essential Rights and Responsibilities of a child, here is a list below:

1. Children have the right to education and the responsibility to learn & respect their teacher.

2. Children have the right to a safe home and the responsibility to keep it clean and tidy at all times.

3. Children have the right to clean water and the responsibility to not waste it.

4. Children have a right to healthy food and the responsibility to now waste their food.

5. Children have the right to proper medical care but they have the responsibility to take their medication when prescribed.

6. Children have the right to clothes and the responsibility to keep them neat and tidy.

7. Children have the right to speak but the responsibility to give others a chance to speak.

These are just a few important Rights and Responsibilities. Remember just like how you have rights so do children so respect them and their rights.

Take the step today to educate your kids about their protection and help build a prosperous safe guarded generation.

It begins with you!


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