Humanity should be our race, Love should be our religion…

By: Luvalan Pillay image If god teaches us to be “one”, to live in peace and unity, why do we as people find the comfort in being divided , criticising others believe systems and mocking the way one prays?

Ever paused and thought about this? Where in your scriptures does it teach you to condemn, to hate, to believe that your religion is ONLY right?

One cannot know everything, the way you approach life and the way you carry out what you taught about religion speaks volumes of the person you are. If you can’t respect people, which God created, how will you respect God?

Unity is well spoken about and enhanced in our scriptures:


Let us have concord with our own people, and concord with people who are strangers to us; The Divine Twins create between us and the strangers a unity of hearts. May we unite in our minds, unite in our purposes, and not fight against the divine spirit within us. Let not the battle-cry arise amidst many slain, nor the arrows of the War-god fall with the break of day. Atharva Veda 7.52.1-2


Maintain religion, and do not stir up any divisions within it.

Qur’an 42.13


Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand.

Bible, Matthew 12.25

If this is the case and if God teaches us to work with each other and not cause a barrier then why are we everyday striving to do the total opposite? I think that if we put Gods ultimate teaching into practise which is “LOVE” then the hate amougst us will fall away. Love teaches us to see without colour, race, disability and religion.


back to September 2014, when a Durban family’s 3D Hanuman(Hindu God) picture miraculously changed into Jesus Christ.

Believe it or not – South Africa was in for a shocker as people from far and wide visted the home to see this so called miracle. While some saw this as a chance to unite or create unity amongst ourselves, many took advantage of the situation and blantly slammed each others intelligence, religion and believes.

It evident to see that religion does affect the way we think, the way we respond and the way we carry out ourselves. The teachings are of the good nature, bringing out the best in each of us but religion never teaches us to be nasty.

If this was a miracle or not it wasn’t for us to decide. Whatever happened, happened for a reason…

Below are comments taken from Luvalan Pillay’s Post On 21 September 2014 :

Matthew Mark: Dont mean to burst anyone’s bubble,but is this really a miracle,Or the works of man? Would God really manifest himself in that enviroment. The word of God says becareful in the last days that even the elect will be deceived.

Janice Sing: There are those who will see the positive and the works of God. And then there are those who will the negative and pounce on the opportunity to put down the next person. It’s very sad, but it is the reality of today. If only people will realize that there is no difference between Jesus and Hanumanji, they both teach humanity to hold fast in their faith to the lord and be positive.

Mariam Kistan: I somehow feel this is not only going to be seen as a miracle but a battle of religions yet again.. Rather not speculate and just realise that no God can be more superior than others, they may appear in different forms but the fact of the matter is all Gods are 1.. Its an auspicious blessing…

Kasturie Pillay: Its a miracle it means Jesus is Hindu now. Christians your’ll need to start praying to hanuman because he’s superior. Proud to be a Tamil.

Matthew Mark:@kasturie….as a strong representive of the living God i serve which is king Jesus.I speak for every christian and say this with the most love…but we dont follower idol Gods. This is not a divine act of God (miracle). As much as this might get into a contentious argument about religion I must say “there is a difference between Hanuman and Jesus”case and point -its why we believe in different faiths but lets live intolerance and not judgement.

Janice Sing: Let this conversation (some of it at least) be an example of religious tolerance. We are able to put our point across without belittling the others religion (I say this in hope that you did not take offense by me saying there is no difference between Hanumaanji and Jesus – I was referring to their particular teachings regarding faith and spreading positivity. Like you say there does exist many differences hence the different religions) Voice your opinion by all means but do so in a way that your religion has taught you be it Hinduism or Christianity. For I know for a fact neither religion deems it acceptable to belittle the other. (I am fortunate enough to be able to receive the teachings of both Hinduism and Christianity on a daily basis) It is thanks to the likes of Matthew and Kumaran that we can now understand the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ regarding this apparent miracle. Ultimately please make sure your words always promote learning as well as tolerance and love for all regardless of religion.

Jerico Naicker: It seems that there are a lot of Christ followers here, contradicting the very beliefs of Hinduism.. If I saw this earlier I would’ve definitely commented… Nevertheless… @MatthewMark… Your mentality is that of a teaspoon!…Reading all you peoples comments and quotes from the Holy Bible.. Any phrase can be used in context to make people believe what they want to! As one of the very staunch Hindu’s…I find it absolutely disgusting to see people criticise and mock the mere fact that a miracle has taken place!!!! @Kumaran you talking about idol worship.. If people shouldn’t be making themselves carved images of God, why is it in almost every church there is a statue of Jesus Christ??? I have a lot of respect for every religion…But its the people that condemn other religions, that gives their religion a bad name…#Hippocrites‬! …#Om‬ Shri Hanumante Namaha! # Om Shri Anjaneya Veera Namaha#…I am a proud Hindu! And love my Religion and Especially the fact that the murthi’s we worship is heavenly!

Matthew Mark: @jerico I certainly can’t argue with your level of intelligence,it speaks with so much of maturity,it astounds me. Your cave man approach to bringing your point across is very hostile. Am open to meet you and discuss this in a more conducive enviroment.

Jerico Naicker: Matthew your verbose language is quite inappropriate for this situation…The fact that you applaud my intelligence is overwhelming…And I certainly wouldn’t want to “meet up” with you…#JaiShriRam‬

Their conversation could have went on and on but it shows that sometimes people get carried away and tend to talk without thinking. Its a typical case of the battle of religions and which is more superior than the other.

Was it necessary to codemn any religion, pick on someones intelligence or even to mock ones believe system?

One should take into consideration that life is for the living…Be Good and Do Good. As all our scriptures talks about unity and respecting each other, we should really put that into practise even if again we are faced with such a scenario.

Never underesitmate or question the doings of God even if its a mistake made by man. Things happen, things of which is written by God. Respect each other and what they believe in.

Don’t condemn or even try to make your religion be superior than another. GOD IS GOD!


*NB* Names have being changed to prevent identity of those that commented on the above post.

Feel free to leave me you comments below!


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  1. currychick says:

    OMW THIS POST IS EPIC! Religion is such a contentious issue and brings out the best and worst in people. I agree we should just love…that should be a religion…love.

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