Who?, “LEE WHO”! – A day in the life of Leeaquadth Khan.

By: Oveshnie Pillay


When passion is driven with the aim to inspire people, “Lee Who” is on point. Without a doubt, music plays and important role in his life but there’s just a little more  than that to Leeaquadth’s Success Story.

The Bokem Legacy Caught Up With The Busy Leeaquadth To  Find Out Who Really Is “Lee Who”
This is what went down:

1. If you had to describe yourself using 5 words, what will it be?

Okay, I think it would be:
* HeLeeLeeLee
*Funny( Well, I make myself laugh)

2. Who is your role model and what inspired you to get into the fields that you are currently in?

Well, My Role Models are my family. Watching them all overcome problems in their lives and seeing  how successful they are, makes me work really hard just to keep up.

3. Tell me about your family.

I am the youngest in my family of two siblings. I have an older sister, Zenobia, who has two of the most gorgeous little girls, Zahra Reese(1year and 5 months) and Reeha Zailey (6 months). These two beautiful souls wouldn’t have been here without my brother in law.. Royci, who has turned into my bigger brother.

My dad! Iqbal, is the funniest man around with the biggest heart ever. He is my sense of reasoning. I have learnt a lot from him.

My Mum! Razia ,is my best friend. I mean this beautiful lady right here is the reason I work so hard. She is the easiest person to talk to. She is extremely funny and so easy going. My parents are divorced and I spent my younger years with my mum. She has groomed me into a strong minded person like herself. Growing up wasn’t all that easy but my mum made everything perfect. We shifted almost everywhere in Durban. All of my experiences in life makes me work really hard just to give my mum and dad the life that they deserve. I just can’t wait to become so successful

4. Tell me more about your day to day job.

I work for the most amazing company, SAPREF. Their work ethics are brilliant, I have learnt so much and have become so much more aware of the things that are happening around me. I am really lucky to be working at SAPREF.

5. I was looking at your social media presence and I’ve noticed many upcoming DJ’s, what do you do that makes you different from the rest?

This is really hard to answer. I don’t actually know… Many Dj’s like to think that they are celebrities and their skill is the best. Honestly, there is always somebody better than you. You just have to get out there and be yourself, play music that YOU love and try not to be a shadow of somebody else and this is what I stand for. I just play the music that I love and have a good time while im doing it, sometimes I end up dancing so hard that I forget that I am actually Dj’n.

6. What are the daily challenges that you are faced with?

Waking up. Gosh I set like 10 Alarms everyday just to get up for work. Working shifts is really tough and sometimes your body doesn’t co-operate. I love to eat and every day I have to force myself to stop. I have been messing up my 6-pack diet for over 10years. Damn! Everyday I have to chase the aunties away, They come for curry leaves. Yes, My curry leaves brings the aunties to the yard.
Waiting for my troops to train, Argh ( Clash of Clans ).

7. What do you think that makes someone successful in terms of being a Disc Jockey?

Firstly, It’s your personality. Nobody likes a show off or somebody who thinks they are the best. You have to have passion for it and trust me, people can see when you’re passionate about this and when you’re not. You got to be unique! Don’t think playing all ‘bangers’ will make you stand out, you have to express yourself through your music, So choose wisely. You need to get a good following first in order to get noticed which isn’t something I would agree with but that’s just how it has become. Being successful in this scene means anything you want it to mean. Like, if you put out a goal to become a resident and you are just that, then you are successful.

8. What has been your greatest achievement thus far?

I have always wanted an i-phone from a young age and this year I purchased a “Broz Gold” i-phone all by myself.

Also, every gig of mine is an achievement but if I had to choose one, my greatest achievement thus far will be meeting so many amazing people who have turned into family and also having the most beautiful girl in the world by my side. Oh yes, persisting through the irritation and constant nagging from everyone to shave is an achievement I should say…

9. If you had to change anything in your life or career, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change a thing! Everything that happened, moulded me into the person I am today.

10. What is your message to Aspiring DJ’s out there?

Firstly, you have to have a good financial backing. Study, get a good job and then put all focus into this. If you already have that then go all in. You got to work hard for this! Put in loads of time and master the craft. Also, you have to have a huge threshold for disappointment. You might not get the gigs now and you will be rejected a lot. Never give up and keep keeping on.

Please don’t use your good looks and provocative ways to get noticed. This makes so many people angry.

Be yourself, Try not the be like another Dj.

And if you’re not in this for the right reasons, don’t even think about becoming a dj.


1. Greatest fear?
Losing somebody I love.

2. Turn table or food table?
Food table

3. Facebook or Instagram?
Gosh I love both(crying face) But I guess it has to be Facebook.

4. If I gave you an elephant, where will you hide it?
Well that’s obvious, My beard.

Catch Lee on : …

Facebook – Leeaquadth Khan and Leeaquadth Khan II

Facebook page – Lee Who

Instagram – _lee_who_

Twitter – _lee_who_

Mixcloud – Lee Who (SA)

Soundcloud – Lee Who (SA)

Bookings – Leeaquadthk@gmail.com


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