Exam Tips? An absolute must!

By Oveshnie Pillay

By Oveshnie Pillay

Be it Primary, Secondary or Tertiary education, we all find it difficult to get ourselves to study more especially when we’re not good or don’t like a particular subject.

However, in order to be good at something you need a good working knowledge as well as the ability to think and work consistently.

Here’s advice on how about doing so :
1) Thinking? Yes it is hard but it is much easier to pass certain exams by memorizing a few facts than it is to continously think hard about how you’re going to go around studying.

2) One does not figure out a way of life in 5 minutes.. The same goes for studying, we need to understand the concepts and problems that we are facing instead of setting it aside.

3) Don’t be afraid to think! Thinking does not make you clever and is usually a slow process with makes you often feel stupid but we need to accept these feelings and sooner or later we will realise it’s true value. It doesn’t matter if you take a month, week or even a year to learn something because once you learn it, it becomes a part of who you are.

4) Sitting at your desk is often not the best way to understand new ideas or definitions. Read through your work and then mull over ideas whilst making tea, taking a walk outside or even talking to someone. It is often in these times that one understands things.

5) Ask yourself questions if you don’t understand something! What is this about? Then try to find the main ideas instead of reading the details. If you feel that you didn’t make Progress within 15 minutes, go on and take a break but while you on this break this of other ways in which that you can solve this problem.

6) Working through countless exercises is useless without knowing what you are doing. It is important to think about what you are doing at all times.

7) You need to be honest with yourself about what you do or not understand. It is very tempting to ignore the things you don’t understand and hope that they go away! Face these things, no matter how long it takes. When you finally do understand them, it will be a great thrill!

With that being said, I hope these few tips help you go about learning…

Good Luck to all those in progression of examinations, Remember that every test you take, marks off as a new journey towards your career. Make every success a beautiful Memory!


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