Celebrating The Best Of The Great Life With Hindvani Presenter – Romeo Chonco.


By: Luvalan Pillay


Known for his amplified voice and dynamic sense of song selection, Romeo Chonco “Pops” is one of Hindvani’s most popular presenters. If one may know, hindi is his mother tongue language.
We catch up with the dashing Romeo and this is what went down.

1. Descibe to me, Romeo Chonco.

Romeo Chonco  is a 25 year old sweet angel who loves to make people happy all the time, he does dat through radio Hindvani’s airwaves Saturdays 2pm to 4pm. Romeo is very simple down to earth person, 5 words describe him : smart,simple,intelligent,bubbly & eversmiling. He’s passionate about radio and music.
2. I know that family plays a very important part in your life. Tell me more about your family.
                                                            Due to my busy lifestyle schedule I hardly see my family as I’m not staying with them. 
3. As a child, what career path did you dream of being apart of?

Radio & TV. 
4. When did your love for radio start?

It started the day I was born, I used to imitate radio presenters and wish it was me talking on the radio, I used to go mad (I still do that)  

5. How did you become a presenter on Radio station Hindvani?

It was advertised on the Rising Sun community newspaper that radio Hindvani was looking for volunteers I took a big chance driven  by the passion for radio and because its something that I always wanted to do.

6. What are the things that you love most about your job?

I love chatting to the callers live on the radio and off air, I love  meeting my fans when we doing our outside broadcasts and listen to their feedback and how they love me, I get to see different places, I get to air my opinions my way, I play the music that I love to play, radio makes me happy…it’s a therapy for me.                                            
7. You’ve recently entered the #PresenterSearchOn3 , What do you think let you down from not advancing to the next phase in the competition?                               
I went to phase 2 successfully and I was happy, I think the judges and the producers didn’t see what they were looking for in me.                            
8. What was our most embarrassing moment in your career?                                  

My career is fun I never had embarrassing or dull moments as far as I can remember.          

9. I take it that you are fluent in Hindi, When did you first learn the language and what has being your greatest difficulty speaking the language?                                                      
Surprisingly I didn’t go to school or university to learn the language I grasped it from the radio station and other presenters helped me to learn it.                                                    
10. What are your upcoming plans?            

I’m planning on a certain big change in my life, I need to do something that I love…watch this space! but Im not gonna leave radio.           

More About Romeo Chonco.                   
1. Current Favourite Song.                            
Its chittiyaan kalaiyaan from the movie Roy I love it like crazy.                                                
2. Old Time Favourite Movie.    


3. What’s your favourite quote?                               
“Jeevan jine kahe, ouse se labh uthayye” meaning : Life is for living , make the most of it.                                                                   
4. One Thing No One Knows About Romeo.  

I can’t do bad.                                                  
5. Choose 1: Would You Rather Walk On Glass Pieces For An Hour Or Walk On Fire For An Hour?                                                   
Oh my…I rather walk on glass pieces for an hour.

Catch Romeo Chonco on radio Hindvani every Saturday from 2pm-4pm.


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