19 Schools Completely Destroyed As Residents Of Vuwani Sets City Alight


Fifty Schools have being shut down leaving nearly 30 000 pupils without teaching and learning.

On Tuesday (03 May), saw one of South Africa’s horrific city protests turned ugly as residence of Vuwani in Limpopi burned down schools and businesses.

On Thursday it was reported that 19 of the 23 schools were completely destroyed and the other 4 was partially destroyed. This caused a complete standstill of all learning and teaching and the shutting down of businesses.

This comes after residence were unhappy about the decision of the Municipal Demarcation Board to merge parts of Vuwani and Malamulele to form a new municipality.

Municipal Demarcation Board Chairperson Jane Thupana applauded the community for taking a stand stating that its their democratic right to do so. However she claims that the board did work with the community to make decisions regarding the merge.

The Department of Education reckons that the standstill will results in the poor performances of the learners and will impact on Limpopo”s matric pass rate at the end of the year.

Decisions regarding the building of the schools are still taking place as learners sit in the blur as to what’s going to happen next in terms of their education.


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